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Resident Evil Revelations -Prologue

Resident Evil Revelations -Prologue/ Into the Deep walkthrough

Go up the stairs on your left, walk toward the orange door. Use your pistol to shoot the chains and open.

Enter the door and explore the area then locate the door to get to the next room. Head down the stairs turn proceed through the door. You will see someone or something moving in the room.

Go through the door ahead, turn left and go down the stairs. Turn to right and you will spot blood coming from the top along with a dead body. Examine the body and proceed past elevator.  

Continue follow the ductwork coming from above on your left to keep track of the creature, then follow it over to a locker and collect the green herb within.

Check the lockers and collect plants from one of them and then enter the room on the left. You will be in the dining room, continue toward the soda machine/vending machine. Go round to the kitchen and enter the room on the left.  

Go toward the middle and you will see a glowing object, examine it to enter a cut scene.  You will discover a handgun while examine the area below.

The monster will be rising behind you, move back and keep shooting at enemies until its dead.



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