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Resident Evil Revelations -Into the Depths walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 1 Into the Depths Walkthrough

Jill's Story Part 1


Move forward and jump down onto the beach below. Go toward the corpse next to your teammate by the beach.  Scan the two bodies using Genesis device. There are some handgun bullets behind you on the left as well as in front of the second copse.

Keep moving around and scan samples until you have you complete 100%.  Note some carcasses are still alive they will attempt to attack you when you try to scan. When it happen shoot at them till they are dead.  Continue scanning the samples

You will come across a green box/ FBC container; scan the handprint print to unlock Secret Sign 1

Once done with scanning heading back to join up with O’Brian to activate a cut scene.


Go toward the sink and scan the tissue, move around scanning things to collect some items like ammo.  Once done go through the door and down the stairs. Enter the room ahead and turn right and move toward the door to see a body tided up on the chair. Head back to the hallway and turn left, go up the stairs.


ENter the white door to reach the next area. Climb the steps ahead and make a left, then enter the bunk-bed area beside you and move forward through it into the bathroom ahead. Eliminate the enemy in the bathroom and exit the room. Go through the door turn right and right again then go through the white door ahead.

As you walk down the stairs you will hear a voice of a woman screaming. Follow where the sound is coming from and you will see her get killed inside the room ahead. Go inside kill the two monsters and collect the Crew Quarters area key by the woman’s body.  Don’t forget to scan the bodies every time you kill them. Scan the computer monitor for a handprint.

Head back to where Chris is being held, and eliminate all enemies you come across.

You will meet up with your teammate outside the locked room. Unlock the door and enter into the room and you will find out it was a trap. After a cutscene the mission will be completed.


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