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Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 5 Ghost Hunters Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 5-Secret Uncovered- Ghost Hunters Walkthrough

Grinder's Story - Part Two

After a cut-scene, start walking ahead toward the crash site. Eliminate the wolves coming towards you. Proceed down the trail until you get to the crash site and your partner, Quint get thrown to the ground by the invisible force.

Scan the area ahead using the Genesis device, the hunter will show up. Eliminate the invisible creatures until they are all dead.

Continue ahead and use your Genesis to scan for some supplies. Keep going until you reach the opening fuselage not fate from the crashed plane’s cockpit. Push the debris blocking the entrance out of the way and continue forward into the aircraft.

Activate the console on the left using the Security Token to activate the cut scene and the level will end.


Flooded Bilge


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