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Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 4 A Nightmare Revisited Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 4 A Nightmare Revisited Walkthrough

Jill's Story Part Four

Look around for any supplies and then exit the room. Go through the next door and get the Iron Anchor Key from O’Brien and wait for a few moments.

Head down the stairs and open the door with the Iron Anchor Key. Go through the set of doors and go down the stairs. Search the area for supplies and then go up the next set of stairs on the other end and examine the painting of the lady.

Turn to the generator on your right by pulling on the lever to restore power. Head back downstairs and press the button attached to the small pool of water.

Kill then mutant fish that jump out of the water and collect the Coin, one of the fish dropped and uses the coin on the lit up slot machine on the left and start playing until you win a bundle of Coins.

Once done head back up the stairs where the painting of the lady is and put bundle of coins on the scale (weigh 107g exactly). Enter the room on the left of the painting and search the room for supplies.

Go up the ladder and down the next set of ladder ahead and go up the next set of ladder. Proceed forward through the pipeline at the top.

Drop into the room ahead and continue following Parker to the control area. You will found out that the key is missing. Head back onto walkway, then turn right and exit through a set of large metal doors.

Proceed on the left and approach the panel the left. Unscrew the front and hotwire the door. Enter the lift and get to the next floor. Go to the left and follow the corridor around and take out the enemy coming toward you. Search the area include the lockers for some supplies.

Go through the last door on the left, and eliminate the enemy drop down from the ceiling and the one pop up behind you.

Scan the vending machine for a hand print.  

Exit the room via the other door and search the room for any supplies. Go through the door ahead and move down a set of steps.

Turn to the right at the bottom of the stairs and enter the stairwell, head to the floor above and go through the white door at the top.

Go through the corridor and eliminate the enemies you come across. Re-enter the bunk area one the left and eliminate the creatures that drop down around you in the bathroom.

Exit the room through the next bunk area past the bathroom and make a left down the hall. Use the Iron Anchor Key to open the first door to your left and collect supplies from the beds.

Proceed ahead and enter the next room and grab the Machine Gun. Exit the room back into the hallway and proceed to the left.

At the end of the hall, go through the door and go down the two set of stairs. Turn left and open the next door on the right to get to the lab area with blood.

Read the diary on the floor, this will activate a cut scene. You will encounter a zombified Rachel and then chase her down the hall.

Change to machine gun and go down the stairs. Run backward while firing at her and keep chasing her.

Keep firing at Rachel until she escapes into the ducts, proceed through the door to your right and take out the enemy as you follow the hall around.

Head back, enter the bunk and go into the bathroom. Rachel will show up keep firing at her until she disappears back into the vents and eliminate the enemy in the area.

Enter the next bunker and head back to the hall. Wait for Rachel to show up again and start shooting at her again until she vanishes.

Go through the door ahead and down the stair. Continue to the hall on the left and shoot at Rachel.

Head back to the kitchen and go back to the cafeteria and kill Rachel along with other creatures. If you have explosive use it.  Grab the Lift Key from Rachel’s body. Take out the rest of the enemies, and don’t forget to scan Rachel body.

Head back to the elevator and press the button to go down. Exit the elevator and go to the right then enter the lift area and use the Lift Key in the control area  and pull the lever to complete the chapter.


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