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Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 3 Scaghead Boss Fight Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 3 : Jill’s Story – Part Three Walkthrough

As the mission starts, follow Parker downstairs and go through the door at the bottom. Pick up the items at the end of the corridor and then proceed on the open path (to the left).  Scan the creature and then take him out.

At the end of the corridor go to the right and enter the conference room at the end Collect the Helm Key from the window sill, and make your way back to the hall.

Use the key to enter the locked room on the other end.  Collect a Discarded message from the table, Map from the wall (the picture handing on the left wall), crest from the bookshelf along with other supplies.  Also scan it with the Genesis device for additional items.

Exit the room, head back to the bridge above and cross to the opposite side of the area. Exit the bridge through the door on the left.

Go through the door and take out the enemy in the room. Search the lockers for any collectable. Exit the room, just ahead press the button on the wall and enter the elevator. Select the “Upper Cabins” and exit the car when the car stops.

Go down the path, turn right and go through the door.  Use the Genesis to scan the room, exit the room when done and enter the room to the right into the hallway decorated with antique paintings.

Go through the door and move around the corner ahead and open the door to the left. Proceed to the end of the hall and enter the upper landing with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling above.

Enter the door on the left, then right and then left to enter through the door. Head toward the Shotgun and inset the crest in the podium to get the shotgun. Take out the enemy appears in the room, search the room and then exit back into the hallway.

Proceed through the door across the hall and follow the next corridor around and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Go through the door on the right, to get to the dining area.

Take out two enemies in the area, then search the room for any supplies and use the Helm Key to unlock the gated door on the right.

Go through the door then enter the next door ahead and wait for the locking mechanism to rotate itself open. Go through the door, and then head to the left.

Enter the first door on the left, go up the stairs on the left, and exit the area via the two doors locked.  Proceed down the next set of steps ahead.

Smash the crate and grab ammo then climb back up the stairs. Go through the door on the right and pick up the rifle on the ground ahead.

Once done collecting the supplies head to the Promenade room beside you. Take out the enemy on the bridge across and proceed.

Go to the right, follow the walkway and kill the enemy in the area. Proceed down the path and turn to the left. Lift the metal shutter to your left and collect the supplies into the room ahead.

Leave the room and turn to the right and right again and locate the locked door with chained. Shoot the lock off the chained door. Start shooting at the creature coming out of the room.

Exit the room and turn to the right towards the red fuel tank and wait for the creature to come and eliminate any enemies in the area. Then shoot the container to hit the enemy with a fiery explosion. Move around the area and keep shooting the red fuel tank every time the enemies get closer to it.

Keep fighting off the creatures’ use the rifle, and watch out for more enemies will keep showing up. Search the room for any supplies if you need refill and keep moving back and forth while firing.

When the enemies are grouped together toss grenades at them and continue rifle shots until the boss is dead. Collect the Lifebuoy Key and head down on the floor below and search the area for ammo and supplies. .

Open the ornate metal door with the Lifebuoy Key and go through the door. Go up on a new staircase and turn left at the top of the steps. Enter the room on the right and proceed down the hallways to get to the large doors. Go through the double wooden doors to get to the grandfather clock location. Go up the stairs ahead and use the Lifebuoy Key to unlock the doors at the top to activate the cut scene.


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