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Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 3 Ghosts of Veltro Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 3 Ghosts of Veltro Walkthrough

Parker’s Story – Part One

Move toward the guy by the screen in front on the left and listen what he has to say. Then search the room for supplies, once done head back toward the two guys to listen to their conversation.

Exit the room via double doors located at the back of the room, and then go down the stairs to get to the level below. Use your submachine to take out waves of enemies that descend a t you.

There are plenty of ammo and other supplies in the areas. Keep attacking the enemies as they come till when the area is clear. Head up via the right-side staircase and exit the room through doorway.  

Call the elevator, then take out the enemy coming as the elevator door open and then enter the elevator.  The elevator will stop at some point.

Exit the elevator, head down the hallway to the left. Enter the next room at the end and take care of the enemy coming through the windows.

Go through the door on the left and you will see an enemy in the end of hallway. Proceed down and vault over the sign and pick up the plant at the end of the corridor. Turn to the left and take out the enemy you saw before.

Head back, jump over the sign and enter the conference room on the right. Kill the enemy and then proceed through the next door ahead.

Take a left path and then enter the room on the right to collect some supplies. Exit the room and head to the left to collect the shotgun M3 at the end of the corridor.

Head back, turn right and go through the door to the locker room at the end of the path. Search the area and then exit the room. Head to the right, vault over the sign on the right and eliminate the enemy in the corridor. Proceed down the path and eliminate the enemies on the way.

At the end of the path turns left and go through the double door which leads to the staircase. Go up the stairs to sixth floor and go through the door.

Turn right, and then go through the double door into the office. Search the area for supplies and then eliminate all enemies in the area. Move toward the door on the corner to exit the room and head to the right.

Move toward the metal shutter to get Jessica to help you lift it up. Head to the left and proceed ahead while picking up the supplies along the way. Enter the room on the left and search for more supplies and then call the elevator at the back of the room.

While you wait for the elevator, get ready to fight waves of creatures, then zombies. You’re your machine gun wisely as well as grenades. Stay by the entrance to the elevator room and keep fight off the enemies until the elevator door open. Press the button to ride to the next floor, exit the elevator and run toward the chopper to complete the level. 


Guest Cabin


Scaghead Boss Fight 


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