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Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 2 Guest Cabin Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 2 Double Mystery

Guest Cabin -Jill’s Story Part Two Walkthrough


After taking to Parker, head toward the door the one been blocked off by a dresser. Push the obstruction out of the way and then enter the bathroom. Analyse the contents inside the bath tub, and then drain the tab. Lift the toilet sit and collect the screwdriver.

Leave the bathroom and head back to the bedroom and eliminate the enemy. You will have to evade. Stand by the TV and wait for onscreen instruction to dodge him and he will ends up headfirst through the TV. Head toward the other door in the room and use your screwdriver on the wall panel on the left.

Unscrew the front panel to unlock the door. Go through the door, and dodge the enemy coming toward you from your right.

Enter the room ahead, turn left and go through the door in front. Go toward the hanging paint in front and there is a safe inside with a card reader. Proceed to the right and you will see a monster crossing at the end of the corridor.

Go forward and enter the room on the left (opposite to where the enemy went).  There is a shotgun (but you can’t pick it up now) in the room along with some few ammo/bullets.

Exit the room, head toward the room on the other side, and dodge the enemy on the corridor. Turn to the right and then right again and go through the door at the end of the path. There is one enemy inside, move toward right and push away the chest blocking the door.

Head down the stairs to the dining area and then move toward the door on the left to meet up with Parker. After talking to him, follow him down the hall to get the B.O.W and then enter the next room beside you. Continue through the room and take out the enemy and then proceed.

Clear this area and go around the bookcases to get to the other side of the room. Exit the room into the hallway, and pick up any supplies you come across. Go toward Parker to help him kick down the metal door.

Enter this room and retrieved your equipment and exit the room. Go to the right and through the door down the hall. If you didn’t kill the enemies in the library, you should go and eliminate them as well.  Kill all enemies in the area and go into the dining room to clear that area too.

Go up the stairs to the second floor, heard toward the display case room (up the stairs, go to the right, then turn to the right and enter the room on the left) and kill all enemies in the area. Exit through the other door into the hallway.  Proceed down the hallway decorated with various paintings.

Enter the landing lit with chandeliers and eliminate all the enemies in this area. Go back to the red hallway, in the place where you saw a chained door and beak it.  Go into the next hallway, turn right and call the elevator. 

Enter the elevator and select Bridge destination. Enter the room at the end of the walkway ahead (the one with broken chains on the floor). Go through the door with a green light over it.

Scan the area and go through the door to reach the bridge. Scan the room and collect the supplies, handgun upgrades and handprint.

Head toward the console and investigate the smocking section of the console on the left to activate the cut-scene


Double Mystery


Ghosts of Veltro

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