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Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 2 Double Mystery Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations -Episode 2 Double Mystery Walkthrough

Resident Evil Revelations :Chris’s Story –Part One


As the mission start, you will be in a snow area. Start walking through snow storm and on the rocky trail ahead until a cut scene activates. During a cut scene you will witness a plane crash. Head toward the crash site.

Go closer and start scanning the area using your Genesis device for any supplies. Search for a container marked with a biohazard symbol, scan to analyse the virus.

Enter the door that leads to the cockpit and scan the body falling out, to get  a plane manifest.

Then scan the control panel for a handprint. Once done exit to your left, to get into the mine.

Before entering the mine, break the crates and pick up the supplies then enter the mine shaft. Scan the barred door to call Jessica over and lift the Iron Gate.

Go through the cave tunnel and drop down the ledges ahead. Enter the open cavern and takeout enemies inside.

Proceed down the path and soon after you hear a wolf sound, there of them will show up. Shoot them and proceed through the shaft ahead and follow it around to exit the cavern. Continue down a wooden bridge to cross the craters ahead.

Shoot at the wolf, proceed ahead and pick up the B.O.W. supplies. Go down over the tall ledge ahead to reach the open cavern below. Proceed ahead and you will get attack with a group of wolves. Kill them, then jump onto the next platform and collect the B.O.W decoys from the crates on the left.

Drop down and eliminate a wave of wolves running towards you. Once the wolves are dead start scanning the area until when Jessica join you.

Proceed ahead to exit this area, and scan the alcove (with stalactite) on the left for a handprint. Follow it around to drop down another ridge. Exit the cave and turn left along the ledge.

As you jump over to onto the platform ahead you will fall. After a cut-scene keep tossing the B.O.W decoys to take out the some wolves in the area.  Continue shooting until when Jessica show up.  

Once the place is cleared, climb up the nearby ladder and make your way up the inclined track. Get Jessica to help you lift the Iron Gate, then head outside ledge. After a cut scene the level will be completed


Into the Depths


Guest Cabin


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