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God of War Ascension-The Furnace


God of War Ascension-The Furnace Walkthrough

Eliminate the Cyclope and try not to attacking the eggs while fighting cyclope. Once you have killed cyclope then destroy the eggs and the rest of the monsters.

Once you have cleared the place the gate on the right will drops, go in and drag a big pile of wood out and put in the middle of the room.

Head to the right and by the fire and press R1 to pull the platform over toward you. Then step on the platform and then jump on the next one on the left. Keep going and the end jump on the platform above. There are a couple of chest at the far end, and on the left collect Archimedes Treasure from the table.

Once collect all items, head back to the middle and pull the gear on the floor. Pull it all the way to the end (this will open a flap above it) and then create a clone here. Then jump through the flap and drop down. Grab the Gorgon's Eye/Phoenix Feather chests here, and then locate another gear down here to turn.

Go to the side and pull the wheel/gear down (next to the gate), this will open the gate to get back to where you was before. Then grab the stash of gear and push it into the slot next to where you pull the wheel to open the gate. Then turn the gear next to it to send the shower of sparks down onto the wood pile.

This will cause the wood to catch fire and burns out. Then take the empty container back to where it was before. Then heal the pile and will cause the fire and melting some oil.

Then take the pile out push it to the place where it caught fire. Go past it and put it on the middle just ahead into the slot there. Now use the Amulet again to get flames back on, this will cause the oil to catch fire as well.

The coal above will catch fire and furnace will start working again. Head back and take out all the enemies in the area. Use the gear which you used before to pull the platform over to you. Jump on the platform and onto the one on the left. Continue to the platform above (where you visited before), and kill all the enemies. Jump on the platform on the right and onto the three flaps (as stepping stone) and jump into the chamber. The elevator will take you up.


Jump onto the next platform and the next to get to the chest. And jump on the above beam and climb across to the left and jump on the elevator. Collect some red orbs on the right and head back to the left.  At the turn the gear (where the couple of platform near you will start moving) then head back and stay between the two fires, then kill the enemies.  

Once all the enemies are dead the fire will stop. The continue down and look on the left , when it the right time jump onto the turning cylinder and keep jumping onto the platform on the right until you get to the end. And jump grapple the green grapple point to onto the platform ahead to enter The Shoulder of Apollo. 


The Ribs of Apollo


The Sholder of Apollo

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