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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - Ward of Regret Walkthrough

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen -  Ward of Regret  Walkthrough

The ward of secret is the home to undead terrors. Go through the door ahead and walk through the path on the right. Jump into the first room through the broken window, where you will find a broken riftstone. You will be able to restore it by using Rift Cystals.  The crystal cost 3,500 RC to fix it and once you have restore the Riftstone, you can be used to acquire new Pawns. Search the room for any collectible and exit into the corridor.

You will come across two Giant undead masters, although they are slow but they are tough. Jump onto their backs and attack them.

Note that there are two doors which requires a skeleton keys which can be found later .

Making Skeleton Key 

You will be able to make the key if you wants to. You need to combine a shackle and any ore to make a skeleton key.

Continue down the corridor, turn left and go through door. Take out some creature there and collect a treasure chest (collect the skeleton key). Explore the area and once done make your way back to the locked door. There are two chests in the room and get ready as Skeleton Sorcerers will start attacking you through the windows. Head back to where you found the key and eliminate them.

Then proceed toward the other way (the right path, where you will find a waterway). Watch out for the chest in this area as it contains the first Man-Eater. Man-Eater is one of the deadliest creatures and will attacks anyone who opens the chest. It is best to get one of your spawn guys to open it.  it will drop a reward if you manage to kill it

If any of your spawn dies you can use the riftstone to bring them back.

Enter catacombs through a destroyed wall and turn left where you will come across an army of skeletons, and a giant skeleton. Take them out and just ahead the path is splits left and right.

On the left path you will come across a giants and Skeleton Sorcerers. Take out the magic-users and collect the treasures in the room.

The right path leads downstairs to a chamber with hanging dead bodies. Eliminate all the undead that appear and search around for any items in the area. Proceed ahead and go through the door to enter Midnight Helix


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