Dead Island Riptide: The Ritual Walkthrough

The Ritual 
Chapter 3
Quest Giver Marcus/Batram
Location Mataka Village
Reward(s) Cash

Dead Island Riptide: The Ritual Walkthrough

In this mission you need to find Marchus Villa's map and notebook. Before starting this mission until you are ready to automatically move on to a Hub Defense mission.

Marcus' map is in a basket weave vase from where Batram is located and the notes are behind the picture hanging on the wall.

Once done talk to Batram and will tell you to go back and talk to Marcus in Halai. When you get to Halai, you will learn that Marcus has gone to Paradise Camp. Make your way to Paradise Survivor Camp. During a cut-scene Marcus will set the camp on fire and you need to defend yourself until when Harlow returns.

Take out the waves of enemies until when Harlow return. After Harlow's cut-scene, you be evacuated to Halai Village to complete the mission.


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