Dead Island Riptide: The Crash Walkthrough

The Crash
Chapter 11-Mistakes where made
Quest Giver Trevor
Location Henderson
Reward(s) Auto Rifle

Dead Island Riptide: The Crash Walkthrough

Make your way toward the marked location and kill any enemies you came across.  Go up the stairs  and get ready to defeat all enemies in the area. One of the zombies is rather difficulty to kill. Use your gun to take him out.

When the area is clear, start searching for survivors. Go down the stairs and you will spot a blood on the door, go through a locked door into the cellars.

Collect Striker Shotgun Mod: blueprint of from the ground.  Proceed down the stairs but the gate is locked you need to find another way in. Go back up the stairs, open the door on the right and take out all enemies in the area.

Proceed toward the marked location and like the other one the gate is locked as well. You need to find alternative way to the staircase. You will come across a Thug take him out and find a way into the locked room.

Go down the stair and collect another Razor Mod -Blueprint from the shelf. Go through the gates, turn left and go through the door on the right at the end of the path.

Search for the locked door, kick the door open and you will find the surviving crew member, the pilot is wounded.  

After a cut scene go to the fort tower and open the door one the left. Proceed to the marked location. Go through the door to the fork tower and search for Frank Serpo.

Collect a Pride Rifle Mod: Blueprint from the crates on the right. Proceed up the stairs and talk to Serpo to complete the mission. 






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