Dead Island Riptide: Terminal Siege Walkthrough

Terminal Siege
Chapter 7
Quest Giver Marvin
Location Panai Ferry
Reward(s) Magnum

Dead Island Riptide: Terminal Siege Walkthrough

After talking to Marvin, zombies will attack the ferry landing. Put the barricade on the open path while taking out any enemies coming in. you need to hurry up before they arrive. Take them out as they come. Move around the place and eliminate them and watch out for the area where the zombies can get through. 

Head up the stair and set up the mini gun.  Once the area is cleared look around for any items you can collect then board the ferry. Plant the explosive on the area where it will get hit.

Once done go to talk to Marvin to get the rest of the mission. Head back to the first floor where the min gun is and wait for the zombies to come. Start eliminate them as they come. Keep an eye on the destroyed fence as you will need to replaced them when they get destroyed.

Make your way back upstairs before the second wave arrived. Some of the zombies will be coming from the roof. Make sure the entrance behind you (on the first floor) is fenced.

Keep moving around , replace the fence and eliminate the enemies who managed to get through. The screamer will arrive get ready  as she will open up the zombies around her. While in group fury eliminate all enemies to complete the mission.


The Crossing 


The Ferry 

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