Dead Island Riptide: Side Quest-Fire Sale

Dead Island Riptide: Side Quest-Fire Sale

As you heading toward Paradise Survivor's Camp after complete the Side Quest- Electrifying, you will come across a guy call Pierre. He is located in the building on the right hand side. Kill all the enemies in the area and then talk to him. He need fuel so that he can open his business. 

Grab the canister by the building and head toward the marked objective location. When you get to the objective location you need to rescue Brain. Eliminate all the enemies in the area and then talk to him.

Drop the canister by the pump and you will find out that there is no fuel, hence you need to go to Marik's Marina. Drive toward the marked location, past the Halai sign. 

Go through the gate when you get to Marik's Marina and eliminate all the enemies in the area. The enemies are a bit tough to kill especially the Thug, get ready for a fight.  Once the area is cleared fill the canister and make your way back to Pierre. 

The gate will be open when you get back to him but he wont let you in. Go around the back into the green highlited area on your minimap and search for objective items. 

Quest items to Plug Pierre's air Ventilation 

  • Cloth #1: On the table
  • Cloth #2: on the floor next to the table
  • Cloth #3 : on the crates by the gate

Use the cloth to plug air ventilation and go and talk to Pierre. He will let you in this time, look around the area for any items.


Side Quest- Electrifying


Side Quest-Fire Sale


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