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Dead Island Riptide: Quarantine Zone Walkthrough

Quarantine Zone- Wiki Guide
Chapter 12
Quest Giver Trevor
Location Henderson
Reward(s) Cash

Dead Island Riptide: Quarantine Zone Walkthrough

The camp has now moved to Old Fort of Henderson, everything else remain normal like fast travel, store items and trade. Note there is no hub defense mode and is the last camp site four your group. Make your way toward the marked location. 

The main entrance to the Quarantine Zone is packed with zombies, you need to find alternative route which is through the cutter to enter. The place is also filled with zombies you need to use a bulldozer nearby to take down the gate. You will need to get four canisters and filled with fuel from the store behind the bulldozer. Mount the fuel canister on the bulldozer then start the dozer and once it get past the gate, light it up.

Locate the entrance to the docks in the Quarantine Zone. Clam into the roof and use the upper path to get to the bottom of stairs near a workbench past the medical tents area (with the Ram, Thug, and Wrestler triple threat) where the entrance to the dock is.


The Crash


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