Dead Island Riptide: Pump Action Walkthrough

Pump Action
Chapter 5
Quest Giver Trevor
Location Santa Maria Mission
Reward(s) Scottish Dirk

Dead Island Riptide: Pump Action Walkthrough

Go and talk to Trevor. Mote that trader Wayne is injured and will turn into Walker soon, so is best you buy all the bombs you can afford. Also if you have time you should put up the fence blocks. Find the two crates of free mines, located near  the workbench on 1F and another box on 2F above it) so you "hoard" items.

Head to Marik's Marina toward the marked location and eliminate all enemies in the area. Head inside the building, the one with four workbenches and take out a Thug.

Collect the mud pump is with them and take it back to the Santa Maria mission. You can use a boat and head to Zimanaki Rest and use a vehicle and make your way toward the mission ruins. Place the pump next to Trevor  and don't talk to him until you repair your weapons. After repair your weapons then talk to Trevor to complete the mission.


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