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Dead Island Riptide: Natural Resources Walkthrough

Natural Resources
Chapter 3
Quest Giver Hadisi
Location Mataka Village
Reward(s) Access to Marcu's house

Dead Island Riptide: Natural Resources Walkthrough

After Hadisi refused to let you into Marcus' House. He will ask you to get the medicine/Herbal remedy for his brother in exchange for the access into Marcus' house. 

Make your way toward marked location (by Biosphere). Climb up the rock and look for the three medicine in the area (you need to gather three Cinchona tree barks).

Item # 1: Cinchona tree bark- is located by the tree along with some items and dead bodies, just after climbing the rock.   

Make your way to the next area, and enter the cave. The cave is filled with enemies,  if you can go into rage mode do so. Clear the area and locate the next item  

Item # 2: Cinchona Tree Bark- you will come across a camp fire and  the item is in the area.

Proceed toward the next area. Clear the area and search for the last item.

Item #3: Cinchona Tree Bark-is on the floor with some baskets.

When you have all the Herbals deliver the medicine to Hadisi to complete this quest . The easiest way back  is via water. Enter the house and talk to Batram.

Postcard No 5

Once you have complete this quest you will gain access to Marcus' house ( located northern homes in Mataka Village). After giving the cure talk to Batram to get access to Marcus hut, search the place for this card.


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