Dead Island Riptide: Heavy Equipment Walkthrough

Heavy Equipment
Chapter 5
Quest Giver Sam hardy
Location Santa Maria Mission
Reward(s) Maul

Dead Island Riptide: Heavy Equipment  Walkthrough

Talk to Sam to get this mission. He will talk about the military helicopter crash, you need to head there to find if there is weapons you can salvage.  You could fast travel to Paradise camp and get the board to get to the crash site or if there is a boat in the area use it to get there.

Locate the chopper and the HMGs are insideand you will need to do more than one trip. Get the Miniguns and take them back to Santa Maria Mission and install them in two of the four locations. You will have to move them from one point to another during the Stalwart Defence mission. 


Change of Plans 


Stalwart Defence

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