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BioShock Infinite: Command Deck Walkthrough

BioShock Infinite: Command Deck Walkthrough

The Command Deck is the toughest section of the whole game. The mission here is to save it against Populi air fleet. In this mission you will be able to use Songbird to destroy the larger Zeppelins instead of the smaller aerial barges.

You will need to fight the landing parties of motorized patriots which comes in pairs. You will be able to use vigor like Undertow to push them away from the power plant.

Note the Vox solders trends to land on the upper deck (catwalks ) on both side. Rather than running around there you could use undertow and destroy them.

Make sure you get Songbird to destroy the Zeppelins for the battle to end.

Once all the Vox zeppelins, join Elizabeth at the bow. Once you regroup with Elizabeth, you need to order songbird to destroy the Siphon. After a cut scene, follow Elizabeth until the game ended. 

Here is the tips how to deal with the gunships

  1. When one single gunship appears use the Songbird to destroy it
  2. When two gunship appears use Song bird to destroy the enemies it drop instead
  3. When single gunship appears with cannon, destroy the cannon instead of using Songbird.
  4. Two gunships appears use Songbird to kill the enemies it drops. Also you can use Undertow to push them away.
  5. When Zeppelin shows up, use Songbird to destroy the Zeppelin and eliminate the enemies it dropped.
  6. When two Zeppelin appears, get Songbird to destroy the one with rocket launcher. It will destroy the enemies on board.
  7. Then destroy the last Zeppelin and the rest of the enemies.


The Engineering Deck 


Command Deck Walkthrough