Thief Chapter 5: The Forsaken Walkthrough


Welcome to Chapter 5 of the main story in Thief (2014), The Forsaken Walkthrough. This walkthrough will guide you through the location where you will find all six collectibles, including the Flowers Eternal Rose Brooch and How to Kill the freaks in this chapter 

Thieving Challenges

  • • Remain Undetected – 400 G
  • • Take No Damage – 300 G
  • • 12 Kills or Knockouts – 275 G
  • • Lift All Loot Items – 350 G


Before you being this chapter, you need to visit the Shady Merchant and stock up, don't forget to buy lots of arrows, reaching maximum capacity with your Fire Arrows, Bow Strength upgrade as well 

Chapter 5: The Forsaken Objectives

  1. Enter the Asylum
  2. Find Information about Erin
  3. Enter the Women’s Ward
  4. Search for the Asylum Records
  5. Move to the Treatment Wing
  6. Descend to the Treatment Level
  7. Access Room 3F
  8. Find and Start the Power Generator
  9. Find a Way into Room 3F
  10. Descend to the Asylum’s Lowest Level
  11. Locate Erin’s Holding Cell
  12. Leave the Asylum â€‹

Objective 1: Reach the Asylum Grounds

9. City Heritage Plagues - Moira Asylum

This collectibles is found at the beginning of the mission during Objective 1: Reach the Asylum Ground. Run and climb the wall to get on the Asylum grounds. Go around to the left of the building to get this collectible.

Proceed to the right of the building to prompt the front door to open up. When the door opens go to the statue in front to collect some items (it's not there before the doors open).

Objective 2: Find Information about Erin

Go inside, then look through the peephole and when the doors open search for goodies. You can loot the lobby, upstairs and downstairs. 

Once done go through the revolving doors southern to get to Men's Ward. Note that there is one collectible in this area but also there is an important clue to progress the chapter. 

There is an office with a valve in the east side, loot it and then turn the valve to open a gate.  This will allow you to go through more revolving doors. Proceed ahead to reach the rooms where inmates were kept in. Search the area for any supplies and when done enter room M02. 

# 10 The Court of Montoness

During Second Objective you will come across room M02 after looting the room, exit the room and use your Razor Tool to collect the painting and collect The Court of Montonessis

When done with room M02, enter room M12 to find a key on the floor. This Key will give you access to Women's Ward.

Objective 3: Enter the Women’s Ward

Loot the room , you will also learn that Night Warden is on duty. From the letter, run left then turn right and proceed down the hall. Go down the first hall on the right to the end and go through the revolving doors on the left. If you do this right you will leave the Night Warden behind.

Go through two set of revolving doors to reach the Women's Ward.

# 5 Flowers Eternal - Rose Brooch

During third objective: Enter the Women's Ward, after passing through two sets of revolving doors to find yourself in part of the Women's Ward. Use the key to open the door  to turn the valve. Go toward the north stairs but don't go down instead put a Rope Arrow in the anchor beam above. Descend the rope to land on the top of an elevator. Drop down into the room with this collectible.

Head back where you can from and progress toward the objective marker. When you get outside the office (the place where you turned the valve) go through the door to continue toward the objective marker.

Objective 4: Search for the Asylum Records

Proceed toward the objective marker and dont forget to explore all rooms apart from W07. When you have explore everywhere else then pick the lock to enter room W07. Go through the hole in the wall to enter W05. Climb into the windows to get to the south office. Collect three documents in the area, if you can see them use Focus to locate them

Objective 5: Move to the Treatment Wing

Head toward the objective marker past the debris.

​Objective 6: Descend to the Treatment Level

Grab the note from the wall ahead and head down the stairs. Go through the door, then jump to the beam to get to the platform below. Note that there is a gate that blocking your path, instead go upstairs to turn the wheel to rase the gate. Then proceed toward the objective marker to complete the this part.

Objective 7: Access Room 3F

This room is located to the south, make your way there. You will find out that you cant get in without restoring the power.

Objective 8: Find and Start the Power Generator

Head toward the objective marker and watch out fro the trap (can be disabled through the control box). Head west to flip the switch to turn the generator on.

Objective 9: Find a Way into Room 3F

Now you will be able to get to Room 3F but it best you save the game at this point, using the cabinate by the generator. Once inside the office hit the switch to open various cells.

Once done leave the office and go into the open door across the hall, then crawl into room 3F

Objective 10: Descend to the Asylum’s Lowest Level

There is s patient in the lose if you look out of your room. There are three patients in the area but they can be avoided if you wish to. Otherwise you ca make a distraction (throw a bottle in the  hallway) then take out the two patients. Make your way to cell 3E.

#5 Serendi Stone Circle - Ivory Circle

This items is found in cell 3E during Descend to Asylum's Lower Level Objective. There is a safe in the cel open it to grab this item. Cell combination is 7, 3, 1.

Go through the crwl space to get to room 3B, then sneak behind the patient and take him out. Loot the room and go back to the previous room to drop down the elevator shaft. Go through the vents to proceed toward the objective marker.

Objective 11: Locate Erin’s Holding Cell

Now it is time to locate Erin's holding cell. There are total of eight creatures in this area. If you have enough Fire Arrows and Bow Strength, use them to eliminate the enemies here otherwise you will need to sneak past them  and don't bother trying to melee them as it will not work. 

Loot the reception area she proceed through the doorway to the north. Take out the enemy banging his head on the wall, then proceed. There are two more enemies on the west , along the north wall of the room, take them out.

# 4 Memories of Dead -Child's Memory

During objective "Locate Erin's Holding Cell" you will come across a room in northwest of the reception area where you will find a vase that can be smash. Smash the vase to find Memories of the Dead 4 - Child's Memory.

Once you have grab the collectible head back to the reception desk.

# 6 Unique Loot - Mechanical Eye

During objective "Locate Erin's Holding Cell" after collecting Memories of the Dead 4 - Child's Memory, head back to the reception desk and approach the west railing behind it. Use Focus to spot some enemies in the area then take them out. After killing all enemies climb on some crates to south. 

Put a Rope Arrow into the anchor beam above to go with the one already there. Jump from one rope to another, then to the walkway in the middle of the room. Collect the the Unique Loot (6/9) – Mechanical Eye​

Once complete to loot this area drop down to the floor and proceed toward the objective to complete the mission.  Make sure you don't land on or walk through the glass. 

Objective 12: Leave the Asylum

Keep moving toward the objective marker until when you get outside to complete this chapter. 

You will unlock The Forsaken Trophy/Achievement once you have completed this chapter.

The Forsaken
Finished Chapter Five25


Chapter 4: A Friend in Need


Chapter 6: A Man Apart


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