The Elder Scrolls Online - Woodworking

Woodworking is one of the six crafting skill available in The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO). This is a crafting method used to create wooden weapons and shield. 

Just like other crafting skills it is important to extract raw material into craftable ingridients before crafting with Woodworking. Wood is required and can be gathered throughout Tamriel using an axe on logs found on the ground. Once the wood has been extracted into sanded wood, the player may create shields and weapons.

You will need to use Woodworking Station to be able to use the Woodworking skill. 


There are many types of weapons and armors that players may create.


  • ​ Bow
  • ​ Inferno Staff
  • ​ Ice Staff
  • ​ Lightning Staff
  • ​ Restoration Staff


  • ​ Shield


There is a wide variety of materials that players may use in Woodworking. The higher level the material, the better the results. 

List of materials:

  • ​ Sanded Oak
  • ​ Sanded Beech
  • ​ Sanded Maple
  • ​ Sanded Hickory
  • ​ Sanded Yew
  • ​ Sanded Birch
  • ​ Sanded Ash
  • ​ Sanded Mahogany
  • ​ Sanded Nightwood


Woodworking Passive Abilities

Each crafting skill yields passive skills related to the skill that can be levelled with the skill.

  • ​ Allows a player to craft wooden items using superior quality material (lvl 1 - allows player to use sanded maple, lvl 2 - allows player to use sanded oak, etc.)
  •  Can be upgraded 9 times (one for each type of wood)
Keen eye: Wood
  •  Initially causes wood to 'glow' when player is within 20 meters or closer
  •  Each upgrade extends sight area, causing wood to 'glow' at further distances
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times
Lumberjack Hireling
  •  Hires a worker to send wood, and possibly other items, to the player everday via mailbox
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times
Wood Extraction
  •  Improves the chance of extracting woodworking ingredients
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times
  •  Initially reduces research times by 5% and allows player to research two items at one time
  •  Each upgrade decreases the research times by a percentage and allows the player to research more items at one time.
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times
Resin Expertise 
  •  Increases the chance of improving items using resin
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times






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