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Werewolves  are lycanthropes that are feared throughout Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO).

You will need to contract a disease and embark on a quest to cure or embrace the effects. The werewolves can transformed at will using a special unlockable ultimate ability. Those afflicted with this transformational disease can launch into a frenzied killing spree and feel the uncontrollable strength granted by the transformation. 

Werewolves surrender to their primal nature, roaming the wilds in pursuit of prey. Confrontations with these lycanthropes are dangerous; they can spread the disease Sanies Lupinus, which turns the infected into one of the bloodthirsty pack if left untreated. 

Werewolves use their incredible strength to jump through the air towards their unfortunate targets and devour them with fervor. They often hunt in packs, destroying everything they can hunt down

How to Become a Werewolf

In order to unlock the werewolf ability, you need to contract the Sanies Lupines deases from another werewolf or an infected individual. 

Method #1: Infection Sites

The PVE werewolf mobs will appear in high-level zones and when player gets attacked they will infect the player with Sanies Lupinus.

After you get bitten, you will see Sanies Lupines icon in your Active Effects Menu, which will trigger the Hircine’s Gift side-quest. You need to complete the quest to be given an option to cure the disease, or become a werewolf.

Method #2: Other Players

Those players with the Bloodmoon skill unlocked can bite and infect you at the Werewolf ritual site. Note that there is a 7-day cooldown timer between each bite.

Werewolf Skills And Abilities

It should be noted that the Werewolf skills rely heavily on stamina while â€‹the Vampire skills rely heavily on Magika

Active Skills

Active Skills require activating them for a cost (Stamina). Once you carry out the werewolf transformation, your character automatically gains extra stamina, armor, strength, and running speed.

Active Skills Description Damage
Pounce Player leaps to target, dealing Physical Damage and stunning off-balance targets [13 / 13 / 13 / 14]
  • Unleashes a beastly roar causing fear, disorientation and off balance to enemies within 6m. Affects up to 3 nearby enemies
  • Ferocious Roar leaves the nearby enemies off-balance while the Rousing Roar increases the weapon power of nearby allies.

Passive Abilities

Contrary to Active Abilities, these abilities remain activating all the time without any Stamina Cost.

Passive Abilities Description
Pursuit Increases Stamina.
Blood Rage Taking damage can generate up to 2 Ultimate. Your character must be in human form to get this.
Devour Devour on human corpses to earn more time as werewolf.
Savage Strength Increases Stamina with kills
Bloodmoon It will provide you with the ability to bite another ally for werewolf venom.
Call of the Pack Allies will be able to stay in werewolf form for longer durations.

Innate Abilities

Now that we have talked about Active and Passive Skills, it’s time to discuss Innate Abilities which are common to all werewolves and don’t require players to spend in any skill points.

Innate Abilities

Sprint Increase movement speed by 30%
Brace Defend damage by 50% and have slow movement speed
Bash Off-balance enemies and deal damage
Light Attack Deal 4 Physical Damage to your enemies
Heavy Attack Deal much more damage than the Light Attacks

Pro’s and Con’s

There is always the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a Werewolf. One of the biggest drawback where a Werewolf is concerned is your weakness to poison (whether transformed into a Werewolf or not) and the threat from the Fighters Guild. The good news is there aren’t many poison skills in the Elder Scrolls Online but those who’ve specialised in Skilled Tracker through the Fighters Guild deal significantly more damage to Werewolves.

The good thing of becoming a werewolf is that you’ll deal significantly more damage, run quicker and have more armor as a Werewolf and although they only have 2 active actives (thus you’ll rely on light and heavy melee attacks) they do deal significant damage. 

Should I be a Werewolf?

Compare to Vampirism, Werewolf option seems to be much better since there are fewer drawbacks.  Since most players haven’t - so far - specialised in the Fighters Guild and there are so few poison skills makes this a very positive and viable option.

Also the fact it’s reliant on stamina so much limits its potential, but if you aren’t a Magika user it is the best option for you. It’s great for role-playing and it’s even more fun when an opposing player sees you transform. Should you change your mind, it only costs around 1,000 gold to cure.​


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