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Vampires has return in The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) and by contracting the dreaded disease will start up a quest line leading you down to the darkness path. 

Just like in Skyrim becoming a vampire there is advantages and disadvantages to change. Contracting vampirism players will unlocks a new set of active/passive skills to unlock. As time passes, the stages of vampirism increase, adding further buffs or debuffs to your character.

Players will need to fee on the living in order to bring the illness back under control. 

How to Become a Vampire

There is a two way of getting infected, either by visiting the infection sites or get infected by other players. 


Werewolf or those infected with the disease will not be able to contract vampirism

How to get the Disease

Method #1: Infection Sites

in a ll advanced-level zones of Tamriel you can find vampires. You need to find special sites (similar to dungeon or battle zone markers) with a crescent moon symbol. Vampires congregate in these locations.

Head there and once you are bitten and contract vampirism, a new quest called “Scion of the Blood Matron” will appear in your journal. After completing it you will have an option of  become a vampire, or cure yourself of the disease.

Method #2: Other Players

If you cannot locate an NPC out in the game world you can ask another player to convert you. You can get infected with vampirism if other players bite. This takes place at the Vampire ritual site and there is a 7-day cooldown timer between each bite.

Skills and Abilities

It should be noted that the Vampire skills rely heavily on Magika while the Werewolf skills rely heavily on stamina. 

Active Spells:

Drain Essence 

Stuns target for 3 seconds and deals magic damage to it, while recovering 150% of the damage dealt as health and stamina to you every 1 second.

  1. Invigorating Drain -Also recover Ultimate. 
  2. Midnight Drain -Recovery is more effective at night.
Mist Form

You take 75% reduced damage from all sources and are invulnerable to healing and crowd control effects for 3 seconds.

  1. Elusive Mist – Increases your movement speed in mist form.
  2. Poison Mist – Damages nearby enemies.
Bat Swarm

Summons a swarm of bats dealing damage to all enemies around you.

  1. Clouding Swarm – Also grants you additional invisibility.
  2. Devouring Swarm – Gain life for every enemy hit.

Passive Abilities:


Savage Feeding

After feeding your target is off-balance and stunned for 2 seconds

Supernatural Recovery

Increases magicka and stamina recovery by 5%.

Blood Ritual 

Allows you to turn another player into a Vampire once every 7 days, giving them the Vampire skill line.


Increases damage mitigation by up to 50% when you are below 30% health.

Unnatural Resistance  Health recovery is improved in Vampirism stages 2 through 4
Dark Stalker

Increases your movement speed while sneaking and allows you to enter stealth more quickly at night.

Advantages of become Vampire

After become a vampire you will gain a new skill line in the World Skills submenu and and your avatar will experience four stages of vampiric effects.

Stage 1 (30 min) +50% Fire Damage Weakness
Stage 2 (60 min) -25% Health Regeneration, +50% Fire Damage Weakness, -20% Health Cost to Vampirism Skills
Stage 3 (90 min) -50% Health Regeneration, +50% Fire Damage Weakness, -40% Health Cost to Vampirism Skills
Stage 4 (90+ min) -75% Health Regeneration, +50% Fire Damage Weakness, -60% Health Cost to Vampirism Skills

Disadvantages of become Vampire

The disavantage of become a Vampire is that your weekeness is fire and their special vampire skills cost health to cast instead of magicka.

Player will have to feed on human opponents in the lower stages of vampirism. You  can either using invisibility (Nightblade Skill) or unlocking Dark Stalker makes this much easier or simply crouch and approach a human enemy (PVE).

Should I be a Vampire?

Become a Vampire can be great for role-playing since there are some excellent skills and it really suits Nightblades more than other classes.

The good news is that you can cure the disease if you ever change your mind, there’s no harm in giving it a go. All you really need to be weary of is other players in Alliance versus Alliance as fire seriously hurts


How to Become a Werewolf




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