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Blacksmithing is one of the six crafting skill available in The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO). This crafting focuses around creating weapons like Swords, Axes and daggers and these can be made from Iron to Ebony.

Types of Weapons and armors that players may create.

Players will need to locate and interact with the blacksmithing station in order to utilize this skill. Blacksmithing stations are found all across the land of Tamriel. Althrough they are located in major cities but can also be found in more desolated area as well. 

Just like other crafting methods, resources are needed to create the desired armor piece or weapon.  The player may have to gather these resources from existing weapons using a method called deconstruction or collect the required materials as they travel throughout the world.

Every character in the game begins with the basic blacksmithing skill, but the style of the weapon and armor they can create is initially limited by the race they choose 


  •  â€‹Axe
  •  â€‹Hammer
  •  â€‹Sword
  •  â€‹Battleaxe
  •  â€‹Maul
  •  â€‹Greatsword
  •  â€‹Dagger


  •  â€‹Cuirass
  •  â€‹Sabatons
  •  â€‹Gauntlets
  •  â€‹Helm
  •  â€‹Greaves
  •  â€‹Pauldron
  •  â€‹Girdle

Collecting Materials

To create a item you want at the blacksmith a player must first obtain the required materials.  There are currently two methods that a player may use to acquire the resources necessary to craft an item at the blacksmith: deconstruction and mining.  

Note that the higher level the material, the better the results. 

List of materials:

  •  â€‹Iron Ingot
  •  â€‹Steel Ingot
  •  â€‹Orichalc Ingot
  •  â€‹Dwarven Ingot
  •  â€‹Ebony Ingot
  •  â€‹Calcinium Ingot
  •  â€‹Galatite Ingot
  •  â€‹Moonstone Ingot
  •  â€‹Voidstone Ingot


The style of the armor is determined using Style Materials.

  •  Adamantite (Altmer style)
  •  Argentum (Primitive style)
  •  Bone (Bosmer style)
  •  Copper (Barbaric style)
  •  Corundum (Nord style)
  •  Daedra Heart (Daedric style)
  •  Flint (Argonian style)
  •  Malachite (Ancient Elf style)
  •  Manganese (Orc style)
  •  Molybdenum (Breton style)
  •  Moonstone (Khajiit style)
  •  Nickel (Imperial style)
  •  Obsidian (Dunmer style)
  •  Starmetal (Redguard style)


Traits may be added to weapons and armors using particular gems.

Weapon & Armor Traits
Weapon Trait Gem Required   Armor Trait Gem Required
Powered Chysolite   Sturdy Quartz
Charged Amethyst   Impentrable Diamond
Precise Ruby   Reinforced Sardonyx
Infused Jade   Well-fitted Almandine
Defending Turquoise   Training Emerald
Training Carnelian   Infused Bloodstone
Sharpened Fire Opal   Exploration Garnet
Weighted Citrine   Divines Sapphire


Each crafting skill yields passive skills that related to the skill and can be levelled with the skill. After acquiring skill points by gaining experience or collecting skyshards, then players can assign the skill points by opening the skill menu and selecting the skill they want to upgrade. Click on the blacksmithing skill tab to view the passive abilities that are available within the skill line.  Note that not all of the passive skills will be available for acquisition.  Players will need to progress the skill line to unlock certain skills. 

Crafting skill lines gain experience separately from other skill systems and use a method called inspiration.

Inspiration can be attained by performing a certain crafting skill or finding and reading a book on the specific skill.

  •  Allows a player to craft a specific type of ore into ingots (lvl 1 - iron ore into ingots, lvl 2 - high ore into steel ingots, etc.)
  •  Can be upgraded 9 times (one for each type of metal ingot)
Keen Eye: Ore
  •  Causes ore to 'glow' when a player is 20 meters or closer
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times
Miner Hireling
  •  Hires a worker to send ore, and possibly other items, to the player everday via mailbox
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times
Metal Extraction
  •  Improves the chance of exctracting blacksmithing ingredients
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times
  •  Reduces research timesby 5% and allows the player to research two items at one time
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times
Temper Expertise
  •  Increases the chance of improving items using tempers
  •  Can be upgraded 3 times






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