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Dead Island Riptide:Safe Haven

Side Quest- Safe Haven
Quest Giver Maggie
Location Tree House in the Jungle, camp in the west, Island Camp, Henderson

Dead Island Riptide:Safe Haven Walkthrough

Make your war toward the marked location and eliminate any enemies you come across. Locate the boat and use it to get to the tree house. 

Take out all the enemies in the area and search for the objective items. Note there are alot of walkers in the area. Try to run around and take them one by one. 

Once the area is clear make your way up to the tree house.

Quest Items

Letter to Maggie #1-Found at the top of the tree house

Other Items

Ripper Mod -Blueprint-To of the tree house

Use the boat to get to camp in the west, which is the next search area. There area few enemies in the area eliminate them. 

Letter to Maggie #2-Located inside the yellow tent by the water.

You need to search for the Island camp. Make your way toward the marked location. Head toward Paradise camp and take a vehicle, then drive to the marked location. Continue on foot when you get to the entrance of Island camp toward a dead zone area. Take out all enemies in the area include the Floater, Thugs and start searching for the last item.

Go toward the cave, kill the zombie in the water and get ready to fight with a Burcher. Go into fury mode to take him out and head toward the camp fire.

Letter to Maggie #3- Is located on the ground by the camp fire

Go toward the next marked location which is Henderson. When you get there clear the zombies by the door and enter the building to find out what happened  to Maggie's friends.

Walk down and turn right,then collect a Blueprint of Shocking Sledge mod from the sofa. Kick down the door on the left into the room which is filled with zombies. 

Once the area is cleared search the area for the last items.

Letter to Maggie #4: Enter the room on the left and the last letter is on the table.

Turn out all of Maggie friends are dead/infected. Go back and tell Maggie the bad news to complete the mission.


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