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Dead Island Riptide:Family Ties Walkthrough

Side Quest- Family Ties
Quest Giver Marvin

Dead Island Riptide:Family Ties-Side Quest Walkthrough

In this mission you need to look for a clues for Sylvia's whereabouts. Travel toward the marked location. Feel free to rescue Gianna along the way. Two of the quest items are not far from Superhero Side Quest .

Enter the location and eliminate all enemies in the building. Go to the right and open the locked door and take out a Screamer inside. She is tough and one screen will knock your out. 

Sylvia's parents' telephone bill: is located on the table by the window. 

Enter the door on the right and search Sylvia's bag on the bed. 

Sylvia's Note: Is located on the chest draw/table by the free standing fan. 

Travel to Cape Victoria to Sylvia's parents' apartment. Enter the apartment and go through the door ahead and collect a Blueprint for the Devastating Home run Mod weapon.

Slyvia's Photo: Go through the locked door and collect Sylvia's phone from the floor next to the bed. 

Continue to the next area which is the bathroom(there is nothing there). Go back and tell Marvin about your investigation to complete the mission.


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