The Walking Dead Mid-season Finale Review

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WARNING:  The story contain spoilers

The question of the fans has been asking is who are we going to lose?  The Walking Dead continues with its own twisted storylines from the comic.  Too Far Gone is no exception.

The survivor are tested from within, the sudden outbreak of illness that could spring walkers on everyone else at any time. This crisis tested Rick's desire to remove himself from a sole leadership position as well as the ability of others to form an oligarchical leadership. 

All changes when Governor showed up outside the gates. The prison gates have been an issues all season-guarding them and making sure the zombies aren't going through them. But then the Governor with his troop took the fence down the prison is now infected with zombies and must be abandoned. The question is  Where will everyone else go?Where did the bus go?

We all want them to kill the character who we are less interest however that will not feel the weight of the loss. Hershel is everything that the Governor isn’t. The Governor proved to himself that he is incapable of becoming a better man with his failed attempt to transform into “Brian”.

If there is one person we want him to die is the Governor. Hershel seems to be the one who is holding the whole society together, but NOOO they have to kill him instead. 


Rick seems to have taken all of Hershel’s lessons in just in time for the man who was the show’s moral compass to die.

Looks like the parents in this show WANT their kids to die! For example Lily who let her child Meghan play unsupervised on zombi-infected land while the rest of people who protect the perimeter are fighting with the survivors in prison. Obvious she could not watch the river and kept an eye on her daughter but she could at least tell her to play nearby. 

The Governor once was stabbed by Michonne and left for dead. Lily his love came by and shot him in the head. But we don't know for sure if he is dead. 

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