Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - all antique coin locations


This article contained all the locations of the coins find in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard game. There are three major upgrades available: a health upgrade, a reload speed booster and a powerful magnum pistol. Each requires a certain number of coins.

Once you collect all coins you will complete the following trophy/achievement or two:

finding them all on Easy or Normal will get you one, while finding them all on Madhouse Difficulty will get you another.

Resident Evil 7: all antique coin locations

Antique Coin #1 : This coins if found in the Guest House 1F in a locked drawer in the kitchen at the begging of the game. Load the Derelict House Footage VHS tape and look for a lockpick. Get inside, look for a locked drawer in the kitchen on your right. Use the lockpick to open the drawer. Finish the tape, and as Ethan go and revisit this now-unlocked drawer to find your first Antique Coin.

Antique Coin #2: Found in the Main House 1F when you grab the key and crawl into the crawlspace underneath. You will see a red lawnmower on the side while you crawl, head there to find the antique coin on it.

Antique Coin #3 This coin is found in a drawer in the upper left area of the map of the MAIN HALL of the MAIN HOUSE 1F.  Just before the phone and the dilapidated sofa next to the door with the dog head on it.

Antique Coin #4 The coin is located in the MAIN HOUSE 2F – Head inside the Recreation Room, check above the pool table and near the locked door. the coin is right next to Mr. Everywhere.

Antique Coin #5 Found in the bathroom in the MAIN HOUSE 2F, look inside the toilet to find it.  


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