PS4: How to use console remote Play

PlayStation Remote Play feature enable users to play console game through their PS Vita. Once you have update the software on both platforms to the most recent firmware then you will be prompted on the PS Vita "PS4 Link". By clicking on the prompt this will search for active PlayStation 4 within the range.  â€‹

You then need to allow your PS4 and  Vita to link up. To do this you need to go into PS4's add Device screen where you will get a temporary code that which you need to key-into your PS Vita device. Now the to platforms, allows you to instantly peruse the Remote feature. 



To be able to sync the two devices you will need good WiFi connection. Once synced, user can play the PS4 games with their PS Vita (using the small screen). As you switch back and forth the controller options will be reset.

Both devices need to be located within the scopes of the same WiFi network when playing the game.

Companion App

Companion App is a free application that can be downloaded on your Android or Apple smartphone devices and use it as companion to the PlayStation 4.

How to get it the App

Go to the device’s store and search for the PlayStation App from Sony Computer Entertainment. Download the app and install it.

Open the app and accept the agreement then click on “Connect to PS4” button on the lower left-side of the app. 

Go to the PS4 settings > PlayStation App Connection Settings> Add Device, this will enable you to add device. You will get a temporary code, which you need, to key into your iOS or Android device.

Once  the two devices are connected you will be able to buy games from PlayStation Store on your phone and use it as a secondary screen for in-game uses or as a secondary keyboard for typing messages.

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