How to replace a PS4 Hard Drive


Do you want a bigger and faster hard drive in your PlayStation 4? here is a guide on how to replace a hard drive on your PlayStation 4 console.

Unlike Xbox One, PS4 owner are able to replace their 500GB hard drive that spins at 5,400 revolutions per minutes  with something better. 

  1. The hard drive must be a 2.5 -inch drive (the size of the normal laptop drive) and have at least 160BG space and make sure is not thicker than 9.5 millimeters.
  2. You will need USB flash drive(at least with 1GB of space)
  3. Phillips-head screwdriver
  4. computer connected to the internet
The Process

Unplug your console and lay it flat, then apply pressure to the glossy black cover and slide down to remove it. Finds the screw which has traditional PlayStation shapes circle, square, triangle, X --- and remove it. 


Then pull the hard-drive tray out and unscrew the four screws. Replace the drive with the new one (facing down wth the SATA ports facing toward the opening). Then screw the four screws to secure the new drive into the tray and then push the tray back to the system. Replay the PlayStation screw as well. 

The Upgrade

With your computer connected to the internet, go to Sony's site and download the latest software update for the PlayStation 4. Then connect the USB flash drive to your computer and format it to FAT32 (if you have not done already).

Note this will erase all your data on the drive

To format the USB flash drive, you need to right-click the drive, select Format, choose the "FAT32" option from the drop-down menu and then click start.

When is completed, open the flash drive and create a folder call PS4 and inside create another folder call UPDATE (all caps) and then get the update file from the website and drop it in the flash drive -PS4- UPDATE folder. 

PlayStation 4

Connect the power code to the back of the console, and plug in the HDMI port. Connect both controller and the USB flash drive to the console before turn on console. 

Turn on the console in "Safe Mode" , to do this you need to hold down the power button for 7 seconds. 

Click on PlayStation button on the controller and then scroll down and select "initialise PS4" option.  The console will copy and install the update file from your flash drive.

Once finish installation the console will reboot as if you just turn it on for the first time. Create an account, then sign in to the PSN and get your contents.


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