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Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Carpets


Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Carpets can be purchase from the   Nooklings' shop and also from Saharah, the Museum Shop and different ways. 

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Carpets

Name Source Buy Price Sell Price
Ancient Tile Saharah 0 2400
Atelier Floor Museum Shop 1600 400
Backyard Lawn Nooklings Shop 880 220
Balloon Floor Balloon 0 450
Bamboo Flooring Nooklings Shop 1360 340
Basement Floor Saharah 0 2125
Bath Tile Saharah 0 1700
Birch Flooring Nooklings Shop 800 200
Block Floor Fortune Cookie 0 210
Blue Flooring Nooklings Shop 1580 395
Boxing Ring Mat Saharah 0 2500
Cabana Flooring Island 40 500
Cabin Rug Nooklings Shop 1540 385
Ceramic Tile Nooklings Shop 1390 347
Charcoal Tile Nooklings Shop 800 200
Checkered Tile Nooklings Shop 1680 420
Cheese Floor Nooklings Shop 1360 340
Chessboard Rug Saharah 0 2075
Citrus Carpet Nooklings Shop 1330 332
Classic Carpet Nooklings Shop 2300 575
Classroom Floor Saharah 0 1500
Closed Road Saharah 0 1625
Cloud Flooring Nooklings Shop 1480 370
Concrete Floor Saharah 0 1800
Cowhide Rug Nooklings Shop 1540 385
Creepy Carpet Halloween 0 500
Daisy Meadow Saharah 0 1800
Depths of the Earth Floor Museum Shop 1600 400
Diner Tile Nooklings Shop 1300 325
Egg Floor Easter 0 8888
Exhibit Floor Exhibit Room 0 100
Exotic Rug Nooklings Shop 1820 455
Exquisite Rug Nooklings Shop 1960 490
Fancy Carpet Nooklings Shop 2980 745
Fish Floor Chip 0 410
Flower Rug Nooklings Shop 1480 370
Forest Floor Mushroom 0 420
Golden Floor Cyrus 0 15000
Gorgeous Floor Gracie (during Winter) 124000 31000
Gracie Carpet Gracie (during Summer) 124000 31000
Green Rug Nooklings Shop 1540 385
Harvest Rug Nooklings (November 1 through fourth Thursday of November only) 3333 833
Hopscotch Floor Nooklings Shop 960 240
Ice Floor SnowMom 0 8888
Illusion Floor Nooklings Shop 1600 400
Imperial Tile Nooklings Shop 2980 745
Jingle Carpet Nooklings (December 1 through 23 only) 4896 1224
Jungle Floor Museum Shop 1600 400
Kiddie Carpet Nooklings Shop 1630 407
Kitchen Flooring Nooklings Shop 1230 307
Kitchen Tile Nooklings Shop 1890 472
Kitschy Tile Nooklings Shop 1280 320
Lab Floor Nooklings Shop 1280 320
Labyrinth Floor Nooklings Shop 1480 370
Ladybug Carpet Nat 0 410
Lovely Carpet Nooklings Shop 1980 495
Lunar Surface Saharah 0 2000
Maple Floor Saharah 0 1700
Mermaid Floor Island 40 500
Mixed Wood Floor Nooklings Shop 1480 370
Modern Tile Nooklings Shop 1540 385
Mosaic Tile Nooklings Shop 2300 575
Mossy Carpet Saharah 0 2000
Museum Floor Museum Shop 2000 500
Music-Room Floor Saharah 0 1800
Near Future Floor Nooklings Shop 2120 530
Office Flooring Saharah 0 1700
Old Board Floor Nooklings Shop 880 220
Old Flooring Nooklings Shop 800 200
Opulent Rug Nooklings Shop 1230 307
Ornate Rug Nooklings Shop 2100 525
Palace Tile Nooklings Shop 3200 800
Parquet Floor Nooklings Shop 2350 587
Pastel-Dot Rug Nooklings Shop 1300 325
Pave Floor Festivale 0 1800
Persian Rug Nooklings Shop 1280 320
Pipe Shaggy Rug Nooklings Shop 1540 385
Plank Flooring Nooklings Shop 1280 320
Planked Tatami Nooklings Shop 1340 335
Playroom Rug Nooklings Shop 1360 340
Plaza Tile Nooklings Shop 2180 545
Plush Carpet Nooklings Shop 2160 540
Polka-Dot Carpet Nooklings Shop 1600 400
Princess Carpet Gracie (during Spring) 124000 31000
Ranch Flooring Nooklings Shop 1750 437
Red Tile Nooklings Shop 1680 420
Regal Carpet Nooklings Shop 2850 712
Robo-Floor Nooklings Shop 2400 600
Rococo Floor Nooklings Shop 2200 550
Round Carpet Nooklings Shop 1080 270
Ruins Floor Nooklings Shop 1200 300
Saharah's Desert Saharah 0 1800
Sand Garden Saharah 0 1750
Sandlot Saharah 0 1700
Scandinavia Rug Nooklings Shop 1400 350
Seabed Floor Museum Shop 1600 400
Shanty Mat Nooklings Shop 720 180
Ship Deck Pascal 0 1000
Sidewalk Saharah 0 1950
Simple Floor Nooklings Shop 1200 300
Ski Slope Floor SnowDad 0 390
Slate Flooring Nooklings Shop 1380 345
Sloppy Floor ReTail 0 150
Snowman Carpet Snowman 0 8888
Spaceship Floor Saharah 0 1500
Spooky Carpet Nooklings (October 1 through 31 only) 4124 1031
Sporty Floor Saharah 0 1600
Steel Flooring Nooklings Shop 1480 370
Stone Tile Nooklings Shop 2750 687
Stripe Floor Nooklings Shop 1480 370
Sweets Floor Gracie (during Autumn) 124000 31000
Tartan Rug Nooklings Shop 1820 455
Tatami Saharah 0 2125
Tropical Floor Island 100 1250
Trump Floor Gracie (during sales) 1960 490
Western Desert Saharah 0 1700
Wildflower Floor Nooklings Shop 1480 370

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Carpets

Name Interior Theme Style Color 1
Ancient Tile Antique/Horror Old none
Atelier Floor Hobby Modern none
Backyard Lawn Natural Safe green
Balloon Floor Hobby Fancy none
Bamboo Flooring Oriental/Natural Safe green
Basement Floor Horror Crazy none
Bath Tile Oriental Old none
Birch Flooring Natural/Stylish Traditional white
Block Floor Hobby Fancy none
Blue Flooring none Safe blue
Boxing Ring Mat none Sporty none
Cabana Flooring Oriental Safe none
Cabin Rug Natural Traditional red
Ceramic Tile Stylish Modern yellow
Charcoal Tile none Old gray
Checkered Tile Stylish/Hobby Fancy black
Cheese Floor none Modern yellow
Chessboard Rug Hobby Sporty none
Citrus Carpet Natural Fancy orange
Classic Carpet Natural Traditional green
Classroom Floor Science Traditional none
Closed Road Horror Crazy none
Cloud Flooring none Fancy white
Concrete Floor Science/Horror Modern none
Cowhide Rug none Rock brown
Creepy Carpet Horror Crazy none
Daisy Meadow Natural Safe none
Depths of the Earth Floor none Sporty none
Diner Tile Stylish Modern green
Egg Floor Hobby Fancy none
Exhibit Floor none Safe none
Exotic Rug Oriental/Natural Traditional brown
Exquisite Rug Oriental Formal colorful
Fancy Carpet Antique Gorgeous colorful
Fish Floor none Fancy aqua
Flower Rug Natural/Fairytale Sporty orange
Forest Floor Fairytale Fancy none
Golden Floor Antique Old none
Gorgeous Floor Stylish Gorgeous none
Gracie Carpet Stylish Modern none
Green Rug Natural Safe green
Harvest Rug Fairytale Fancy none
Hopscotch Floor none Sporty gray
Ice Floor Fairytale Fancy none
Illusion Floor Stylish/Hobby Crazy gray
Imperial Tile Oriental/Antique Formal gray
Jingle Carpet Hobby Fancy none
Jungle Floor none Sporty none
Kiddie Carpet Hobby Fancy colorful
Kitchen Flooring none Modern orange
Kitchen Tile none Safe beige
Kitschy Tile Stylish Fancy orange
Lab Floor Science/Horror Rock gray
Labyrinth Floor Stylish/Science/Hobby Fancy white
Ladybug Carpet Hobby Fancy none
Lovely Carpet Fairytale Fancy pink
Lunar Surface Science Fancy none
Maple Floor Natural Fancy red
Mermaid Floor Fairytale Fancy aqua
Mixed Wood Floor Natural Gorgeous brown
Modern Tile Stylish Formal gray
Mosaic Tile Antique Traditional brown
Mossy Carpet Oriental Traditional none
Museum Floor none Traditional none
Music-Room Floor none Safe none
Near Future Floor Stylish/Science Safe orange
Office Flooring none Safe none
Old Board Floor Oriental/Natural/Horror Old brown
Old Flooring Natural/Horror Old brown
Opulent Rug Oriental/Horror Old brown
Ornate Rug Natural/Fairytale Safe orange
Palace Tile Antique/Fairytale Traditional blue
Parquet Floor Natural Traditional brown
Pastel-Dot Rug Stylish Fancy colorful
Pave Floor Stylish Modern none
Persian Rug Antique Traditional colorful
Pipe Shaggy Rug Stylish/Science Modern black
Plank Flooring Natural Safe brown
Planked Tatami Oriental Traditional beige
Playroom Rug Hobby Fancy colorful
Plaza Tile none Gorgeous brown
Plush Carpet Antique Safe red
Polka-Dot Carpet Stylish Fancy yellow
Princess Carpet Antique/Fairytale Gorgeous none
Ranch Flooring Natural Traditional green
Red Tile Stylish Traditional brown
Regal Carpet Antique/Fairytale Gorgeous blue
Robo-Floor Science/Hobby Modern gray
Rococo Floor Antique/Fairytale Traditional beige
Round Carpet none Safe beige
Ruins Floor Horror Crazy gray
Saharah's Desert none Sporty none
Sand Garden Oriental/Horror Traditional none
Sandlot none Crazy none
Scandinavia Rug Natural Fancy colorful
Seabed Floor none Sporty none
Shanty Mat Oriental/Natural/Horror Crazy brown
Ship Deck Horror Sporty brown
Sidewalk none Rock none
Simple Floor Stylish Fancy beige
Ski Slope Floor none Sporty none
Slate Flooring Oriental Safe gray
Sloppy Floor Horror Crazy blue
Snowman Carpet Fairytale Fancy none
Spaceship Floor Science/Hobby Modern none
Spooky Carpet Horror Crazy none
Sporty Floor none Sporty beige
Steel Flooring Stylish/Science/Horror Rock gray
Stone Tile Antique Old gray
Stripe Floor Stylish Modern gray
Sweets Floor Fairytale Fancy none
Tartan Rug Stylish Safe brown
Tatami Oriental Traditional none
Tropical Floor none Sporty none
Trump Floor Hobby Fancy none
Western Desert none Sporty none
Wildflower Floor Natural Safe colorful




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