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As another year comes around, you might have had a look back on 2014 and achieved all the goals you set out to do. You might not have, but either way you’re focusing on the future and looking to make 2015 the best yet. 

Last year you didn’t see as many places as you wanted, you didn’t create as many memories as you’d like, or maybe you just couldn’t go with your instincts on an unplanned adventure somewhere.

Driving The Volvo

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Why was that? Because that driving test you’ve been putting off for the past few years, that thing you know you need to get done but can’t quite face it yet, you didn’t bite the bullet and go for it, therefore meaning you couldn’t just hop in your car and drive cross country to see friends, explore a new place, or pack your bags and head to Europe. 

Let’s face it, train travel is getting more expensive, and it’s a bind to their timetables. Petrol prices are falling, and you can grab yourself a good bargain on a reliable car in more places than ever. Here are some practical steps to getting on the road in 2015.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice on the road with a willing (and legal) friend of family member as much as you can to get your experience levels and confidence in the vehicle as high as possible. Also practice for your theory test, as there’s nothing quite as frustrating as thinking you’re moving on to the next level and then being dumped right back down again. There are great online theory test resources to utilise, so it’s easier than ever. Practice makes perfect after all. 

Don’t be afraid to ask

The people driving with you or, more preferably, your driving instructor are there to help. They have more experience, and don’t be scared to voice what might seem like trivial concerns. At some point everybody probably had that exact same one. 

Prepare for your practical in the right way

Of course this may seem like a long way away, but it only takes an average of 47 hours to learn to drive. Now, that’s either around 11 months if you do one hour a week, but if you bump up to two-hour sessions or do a couple a week then in less than six months you can feasibly be on the road. Some people even turn it around quicker than that. So, start getting ready now. Bill Plant has a great list of ways to prepare for your practical driving test, including getting to know your test routes, the vehicle, getting plenty of rest, and even eating a meal before. They’ll all help!

Most of all, just start

The hardest part of getting to grips with any new skill is just getting going. It’s alien and can feel daunting. However, just look around you at all the people that learnt how to do it and had no problems. That can and will be you if you just apply yourself. Get that first lesson booked and, who knows, you might even start enjoying it. 

This time next year I want to hear about your road trips!

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