How to make extra cash


If finding difficulties get a job or stay at home with children, or for whatever reasons and you what to make some extra cash, here are some of the small jobs you can do to earn extra cash


For those who are already looking after children, you can use this opportunity to earn extra cash by becoming a child minder. Consider signing up with a service like Sitter City to find jobs.

 Run Errands for elderly

Help those who are too busy or incapable of doing themselves by offering them a ride to places like supermarket  to do their shopping.

Pet caring/ Dog walking

Job: Caring for or boarding animals

This is perfect for animal lovers who enjoy walking the dogs. You may earn from $15 to $50 or more a day. You can charge more if you care for special-need animals like those with chronic illnesses etc.

Check and

Love typing ?

Job: Data entry, transcribe, virtual assistant, researcher

This job is for those who are fast or computer-savvy. You will be able to earn between $10 and $20 per hour for data entry, virtual assistant and researcher can earn around $30 or more per hour.,, Problogger job board and               


Job: Photographer, designer

This is for those who are creative and want to turn their talent to work. You may earn between $200 and  $500 depending on the projects. and

Secret shopping/mystery shopper

Love shopping? Then you can sign up with a reputable agency. You can earn between £20/$25 and £100/$120 a day or anything from trying out a new restaurant to staying in a hotel or having a pizza delivered. Alternatively, you could test a supermarket and take some food and drink home for nothing.

Check Mystery Shoppers, retaileyes, ukims, cybershoppers.nopworld or moneymagpie


For those who enjoying cleaning then you can clean the houses of those who are too busy or cant clean their house.

Start your own blog

If you enjoy writing or taking pictures then you could start your own blog to make some extra cash. Some companies can pay you for reviewing their products or give you free sample, trips etc. if you have a popular blog.

Write product reviews.

There are lots of companies are willing to pay for someone to write a review for their products. All you need is to be opinionated and  doesn’t require the writing background that many other writing jobs do. 

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