Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Review


Samsung has released this year's version of the Galaxy S4 Zoom called Galaxy K Zoom to avoid direct comparisons with the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a fully-featured Android phone but with the camera features that will be hard to find in other phones. The handset has a lens that extends from the back of the camera to bring distant objects up close ( magnifies up to a decent 10x almost like Galaxy S4 Zoom). 


Samsung Galaxy K Zoom - Design and Features

Galaxy K Zoom is more of the phone than camera phone and is not as bulky as S4 Zoom. The handset weighs 7 ounces and only 0.8 of a inch thick (16.6mm thick throughout most of its length, and 20.2mm thick by the camera housing).

Samsung managed to squeeze more optics into this small body by putting two of the multiple lenses swing into place only when the zoom is extended; when in standby, they're off to the side.

The handset has texture plastic at the back just like Galaxy S5 to help get a good grip of the phone. There is a dedicate shuttle button on the lower-right side of the phone. The battery and microSim can be accessed on the back. 

You will definetely going to need extra memory since there is only 8GB of internal stoarge.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom - Display

The display is a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen type used in other high-end Samsung phones. It is a bit smaller than Galaxy S5 but using smaller display helps the K Zoom stay reasonably accessible.

The screen is bright, colourful (but not color accuracy of the S5) and reasonably sharp but it has 720p instead of 1080 like the one found in S5. 

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom - Processor and software

The Galaxy K Zoom is powered by a "hexacore" design, with two high-perfomance 1.7GHz cores and four high-efficiency at 1.3GHz (but lower power (A7 cores)).

It has 2GB of RAM, and runs the newest version of the Android OS, Android 4.4 KitKat. You get NFC and Cat4 4G, and all the usual smartphone essentials but the K Zoom lacks ac Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Camera

The camera really matter on this handset. The Galaxy K Zoom camera comes with a 10x optical zoom with a focal length equivalent to 24-240mm in the 35mm standard. This is a very flexible zoom length that’ll allow you to take shots of far-away objects far better than any other normal mobile phone. You operate the zoom using the pinch gesture or with the volume rocker. 

The selfie addicts feature enables you to select the area of the frame where you want your head to appear; then when you turn the camera around, it'll play a tone when everything's lined up, snapping the pic a few seconds later.


The Galaxy K Zoom gives addition help in navigating Samsung's plethora of "smart" modes, each of which adjusts camera settings for specific scenarios. The camera offers up several options for taking the best pic of what's on the LCD in Pro Suggest mode.

The handset has unattainable 10x zoom, the K Zoom shoots 20.7-megapixel BSI sensor and captures 1080p video at 60 frames per second. The lens includes optical image stabilization to reduce blur from camera shake, and the flash is Xenon rather than LED, for more natural light.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – Battery Life

K Zoom has 2,430mAh battery which is smaller than the 2,800mAh battery of Galaxy S5 but is bigger than S4 Zoom.

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