Maintaining Natural Hair in summer


Another summer is here and the heat has too much impact especially to our hair. Summer heat can setback your hair goals as well as there are some advantages but if you know how your hair responds to the weather.

Humidity weather makes your skin damp and makes most of us uncomfortable as the moisture in the hear stopping the air from evaporating the sweat your body produces. 

The moisture in the air stays on your hair making it moist and sometime even damp. This is not good news for those who what straight style. The humid makes the end of the hair knotted. To overcome this mini twist is the best as it allow the hair to take advantage of the moisture in the air. Avoid greasy products when the weather is humid and use light and light moisturizer. Avoid the product that coats the hair because the hair needs the natural moisture.

Dry Heat: When the weather is hot will allow your body to sweat out and the downside is that you will have to moister your hair regularly. If you do not moisture your hair will end up be dry, brittle and prone to breakage. You need to moister your hair like the way you do during winter period. Use light moisture and a bit of aloe Vera juice. Apply a hydrating leave-in treatment that softens, promotes manageability and shine, while busting frizz.

Since our hair does not get affected by the sun compares to our skin but too much exposure will dry out our hair. You can wear sun hat to help keeping your hair and skin shielded from those bright UV rays while protecting the colour and moisture.

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