Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Voices From the Grave Side Quest


Voices from the Grave Side Quest is available in the morning after completing Main Quest 1-5.

Voices from the Grave
Main Quest 1
Quest Giver Sentry
Location Pilgrim's Passage
Reward(s) 400gil, Halo x1, Max HP +40, Strength +6

Travel to Pilgrim's Passage and talk to Sentry. Lighting need to talks to the ghosts of Carla, Myka and Zandra, victims of  the heretics. By talking to them she saves each of their souls. 

Location 1: Go to 2nd Ave near South Station between 6AM and 11AM and speak to Resident to get more information.

Location 2: Head to The Residences (Plaza of Prayers) between 6AM and 11AM to talk to the resident. 

Location 3: Travel to North Station Plaza near Centrum between 6AM and 11AM and talk  talk to another Resident.

Location 4- Go to North Station Plaza - in Luxerion between 12PM and 6AM when the ghosts appears. Talk to ghosts Carla, the woman who died when you arrive at Luxerion. 

Location 5: Monument - Head between 12PM and 6AM there and look for the ghost lady call Myka. After the conversation she will drop Phantom Rose.

Location 5: Clock Tower - Travel between 12PM and 6AM to talk to Zandra. She will give you more information about Shadow Hunters. 


The Girl Who Cried Wolf


 Like Clockworkt


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