Kingdom Come Deliverance -Main Quest Walkthrough


Many of Kingdom Come’s main quests have straightforward quest markers, Below are some of the Quest which  require a little more searching, or specific dialogue options to advance.

Kingdom Come Deliverance- Main Quest Walkthrough

How to get First Armor Set, Weapon, Horse and Escape Talmberg Castle

Kingdom come deliverrance It is easy to get in Talmberg than to get out.

After Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s hectic opening, you be escaping to the nearest city. The good people of Talmberg will happily take you in and give you shelter, but leaving the place can be pretty confusing.

Play through the basic story scenes then you will meet Robard, a key character, also Stephanie. They will insist that you should eat and sleep.

When Stephanie comes to talk to you, be honest and use Charisma and she will be able to help you later.

How to get out of Talmberg

After the cutscene talk to Robard while you’re all still on the battlements. As you know you objective is to return home and bury the bodies of your parents, but Robard will insist you cannot leave the castle. Just go through the motions as you wont be able to persuade him .

While you are there explore the courtyards and buildings, you willl meet a trader. You dont hace enough coin to buy anything really useful. Now, to escape the castle, you’re going to have to meet up with your friend Stephanie.

Go and find Stephanie in the chambers above the kitchen, the place where you eat when you once arrived. Talk to her and explain your predicament and she’ll tell you the best way to get out of Talmberg: You must steal Talmberg armour, which isnt easy to do. You should also explain to her that you’re poor, and in return she will give you a purse of 25 Groschen coins.

How to get Talmberg armour

The Talmberg armour is found at the top of the tower by the small drawbridge in a locked chest.  Lockpicking and so be sure to read up on how to lockpick and where to find lockpicks.

Use a Saviour Schnapps to save here in case you mess up and get caught or attacked. It really is worth reloading your save and getting this right so you leave with armour, a horse and the coins from Stephanie.

Now you can leave the castle by taking a horse and riding out through the main gates. Once you ride far enough away from Talmberg you’ll complete this part of the story quest.

Another ways of escaping

Note that the other ways of escaping are quicker but  not as rewarding.

Talk to a guard called Radim :You can talk to a guard called Radim, yu will need to bribe him will tell you to pinch the Talmberg Armour in the same way that Stephanie did.

Jump from the drawbridge into the moat: To do this you’ll need to crouch under the chain and then jump into the moat below. Radim will give chase and you’ll have to either flee or persuade him to let you go.

Finally, you will be thrown out of the castle if you are caught for committing a crime. This will happen if you try to pinch the Talmberg Armour and are caught red-handed. When attacked by a guard, just surrender and you’ll be locked up for a while. The guards will take your coins though, so it’s a costly affair. You’ll be allowed to leave the castle.


  1. 1. You can get an unlocked chest from the tower.
  2. 2. You can loot pick this chest here
  3. 3. You can simply avoid talking to the guard altogether and jump over bridge


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