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Screen shot are defined as a visible image that is taken on the spot of a particular display that comes on the screen. The particular application that is running on the device can be captured and stored for later use. In simple language to take a photo on the screen is termed as a screenshot. Whatever is being displayed on the computer screen can be shared and saved just by taking a screen shot and there are many ways of capturing a screen shot. The most positive point of taking screen shots is that the user needs not to download any external software for this application as it can be performed on windows just by following certain simple and basic steps. There are various tools and even few shortcuts which can help the user to take the screenshot and perform the activity. Below is the list of ways of taking a screenshot on windows 10/8/7:

The most used and most simple way:

The windows pc mostly use the basic way of taking the screen shot and that is the use of print screen abbreviated as PrtScn. The user need not to worry a lot about this option as it is directly available on the keyboard presented as PrntScrn button. This button helps to take the screen shot of the entire screen. The use of PrtScrn involves the following simple steps:

  1. 1.     First the user needs to open the page of which they want to take the screen shot
  2. 2.     Open the painting application that means the” MS paint”. Now press the “prntscr” on the screen or page and paste the entire page on the paint.
  3. 3.     The entire page will get displayed and the part which the user wants to exclude can be cropped by using the crop option available in MS paint.
  • 4.     Now save the page and it gets saved which can be used by the user for future use.

 Usage of shortcut keys available on the keyboard.

The usage of shortcut keys is always considered as the easy and best way of taking a screen shot.

  1. 1.     Sometimes the user has to take multiple screenshots for which he need to use a shortcut and that trick is to press the windows icon and prntscrn altogether.
  2. 2.      As the user will press these two keys together, the window display will appear light which signifies that the screenshot has been taken and saved and saved to the user’s pc or laptop.


Usage of tool like snipping tool:

The two ways that are mentioned above are the basic steps of taking a screenshot and both these methods include the screenshot of the entire screen. Sometimes a user may want to take the screen shot of some particular portion or area of the screen.

  1. 1.     That time he can use the in built tool of windows that is termed as snipping tool. Snipping tools helps the user to take the screen shot of the required part instead of capturing the whole image.
  2. 2.      Snipping tool has further four main modes which help the user to take the screenshot of own choice. The four main types are the rectangular snip, window snip that helps the user to take the screen shot of a particular dialog box if multiple windows are opened, free form snip and the full screen snip to take the screenshot of entire window.
  3. 3.     The snipping tool is available in windows accessories simply go to the windows start, click on windows accessories and there is the option of snipping tool.
  4. 4.     But without making it too way long, the user can simply type snipping tool in the taskbar and get the snipping tool option directly.
  5. 5.      This was all about the tool now to take the screenshot the user needs to select the mode first after selecting the mode drag the cursor on the area of which the user wants to capture the screenshot and the highlighted are will be saved.

Usage of Alt+PrntScrn on window 10/8/7:

The Alt+PrntScrn buttons are used to take the screenshot of the current window page or of the dialog box of the active window page.

  1. 1.     If the user is working on multiple windows but wants to take the screenshot of some particular window then first select that window page, press alt+prntscr and open the MS paint.
  2. 2.     Press ctrl+V that will paste the selected page on the paint screen now again select the crop option to edit and finally save the screen shot.
  3. 3.     This method is somewhat similar to the basic method of taking screen shot already mentioned above. The only difference is in the usage of keyboard keys.


Use of “Fn” key for latest window versions and laptops:

“Fn” key is also present on the keyboard though its usage is not known to all but it works the same ways as the prntscrn works. There are few keyboards where the PrntScn does not work alone that time the user needs to take the help of “Fn” key.

  1. 1.     Fn+PrntScrn: takes the screenshot of the entire page and copy it clipboard.
  2. 2.     Fn+window+prntscn: it takes the screenshot of whole window and save it directly to the library without using any other tool.
  3. 3.     Fn+Alt+PrntScn: it takes the screenshot of the current window and its functioning is same as the Alt+PrntScn works.


Screenshot shortcut for windows 10:

There are few keyboards which do not have prntscn option and this is most common in window 10 tablets and PCs. The shortcuts used in this case are:

  1. 1.     Fn+spacebar: it saves the image of the active screen to the clipboard and the user can paste it anywhere according to his own choice. The function of these two keys is similar to the function of standard PrntScn button.
  2. 2.     Fn+Alt+spacebar: the function is same but in this case the screen shot of the active window is saved.


Usage of window+shift+S(Applicable for window 10 only)

The users of window 10 can use this method in which the user needs to press the window+Shift+S altogether which will take the screenshot of the required area. When the screenshot will be captured, the brightness of window screen will diminish and a cursor will appear on the selected area. Open the MS paint and paste the selected area in paint as in other screenshot processes.

Increase the resolution of the window screen:

This is just a recommended method to take a best screenshot with good image quality. The resolution of the screen should be maximized while the user is taking a screenshot so that the resultant image ahs a good and clear image quality.

“Share charm” for window 8:

The share charm is a beautiful option provided in window 8 and 8.1 which helps to take the screenshot and also share it.

The user is recommended to use the above mentioned simple and easy ways of taking the screenshot and its much better tom avoid the usage of external or downloaded software. These simple methods provide best results in few simple steps.

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