Summer Interior Architecture: Improving Seasonal Homes (and Adding Resale Value)

For either a separate summer home, or just for a primary house during the sunniest of seasons, finding the right furniture and décor to ameliorate the seasonal mood can make all the difference in the world. 

A little colour goes a long way to bringing new life to a historic building; likewise, sprucing up the patio deck or throwing in the right combination of furniture can be the perfect antidote to spending more time outside and less time indoors, watching the tele. If the pall of a deceased tenant hangs over the property, you would be amazed at how tinkering with the lighting both inside and outside the home can present the home in a new light.

In fact, any and all of these solutions can give you that boost of resale value for your home before you decide it’s time to sell and move on , especially if it is probate property. In this situation, a further assist comes by way of carrying out your probate property sale through Open Property Group to add convenience to it all.

Read on to learn about a few simple tips to give your home that special touch in the summer.

New Carpeting and Flooring


A carpet can transform a room into something you never thought it could be. Consider how it can break up monotonous colours in an otherwise drab room, it can bring together disparate pieces of furniture into a cohesive whole, and it can provide a different texture to not just walk on and feel with your feet against the cold, hard surface of a floor, but provide visual eye candy for that summer, seasonal feel.

Another possibility is to replace existing carpet or flooring. Yes, such renovation can be a time and cost-intensive project, but it can represent a drastic makeover. Old carpeting in particular can muddy the mood of a room with its brownish or yellow colour attrition over the years, so at least think about getting it professionally cleaned.

Tinkering with the Patio


Sprucing up the patio can change your whole perspective on the summer. Going from computer work in dark interiors to a newly-finished deck where you actually want to host guests and barbecue is, quite literally, a breath of fresh air. A couple of things to mull over to improve your view from the patio include putting out potted plants, changing up the lighting to either illuminate the façade of your home in interesting ways, or playing musical chairs with the furniture that is maybe a bit long in the tooth.

Colourize your Home


While perhaps not the minimalist, modern, or sleek design of predominantly black, white or grey tones that are popular these days, a bit of new colour goes a long way to enhance the mood. Nothing enlivens a beautiful, historic home and says it is summertime like a coat of fresh paint, or even slight alterations to a pre-existing colour scheme. Bright pastels tend to work well with the theme of seasonal sunshine.

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