Living room decoration Ideas

Living room is the place where you want to relax after a long day at work. White walls, soft grey /plain light upholstery  create a relaxed and welcoming look. Most people love to have matching colours , there is nothing wrong with the matching colour but sometime it can be a bit boring, you need to mix and match collection of patterned cushions and eg geometric rug to create a luxurious look. In the living room you are allow to have more than 3 colors theme. 



There is one thing alot of us make mistakes especialy those with a small living room is having 3 seater soafa and 2 seater 2. If you have a large living room that is ok but if not it is best to have 3 seater sofa  and one or two armchairs. 


AM Dolce Vita


Having plant is another way of bringing nature back to your home. These can be artificial plants or real plaint.



Mirrored furniture

Mirrored Furniture: Such as wall mirrors mirrored or mirrored table etc has the ability to capture the light and let it sparkle. Due to their reflective qualities and glass surface these items are able to complement almost any interior. No matter what your current décor mirrored furniture is able to add that subtle hint of glamour creating a chic, stylish feel.



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