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Glowing skin could mean a happy and healthy skin, flaky or dry skin on the other hand could mean you are not having essential fatty acids which are found in certain fish, nuts & seeds.

Sagging skin could be due to chemicals in cigarette smoke, fried food or sun and pimples indicate stress. A few simple changes to your diet could improve your skin conditions and hold back any signs of ageing. Eat your way to a healthy skin by eating the right type of food like the ones listed below

  • Blackberries: Help the body to produce collagen by giving you a smooth, flexible skin and they high in antioxidants which combat any sign of ageing
  • Kiwi Fruit: Very high in Vitamin C and reduces wrinkles and fight against skin irritations
  • Oily Fish: e.g. Mackerel, sardines, fresh tuna are high in omega-3 fatty acids which keep pores clear & skin moisturised and plump
  • Asparagus: High in Vitamin B which helps lock moisture in to the skin. Eat asparagus once a week and say goodbye to dry & flaky skin
  • Dark Chocolate: Contain flavonoid which leave the skin feeling smooth & offers protection against the sun. Eat in moderation.
  • Oats: Contain Vitamin B and give a smooth feeling to your skin.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Highly in zinc which helps repair damages skins. Include a handful of the seeds in your daily diet and say hello to smooth skin
  • Watercress: Contain Vitamin C and help relieve eczema and rashes
  • Strawberries: Contain ellagic acid, which is an antioxidant that protects skin against harmful UV rays & ageing
  • Brazil Nuts: Full of selenium which fight acne and skin infections. It also improves the elasticity of skin and helps prevent natural collagen from deteriorating.
  • Eggs: Albumen i.e. egg white launches a 3 prolonged attack on skin conditions. The protein reduces puffy eyes, tightens pores and soothes irritated skin
  • Avocado: Keeps cholesterol levels low and blood pressure steady. Its high fat content and high levels of both vitamins C and E help to hydrate the skin​

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