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Grand Theft Auto V 

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Release Date: September 17, 2013

GTA 5: All Knife Flight Locations Guide


Grand Theft Auto V : All Knife Flight Locations Guide

Welcome to Grand Theft Auto 5 Knife Fight Location Guide. This guide will help you to find all 15 Knife Fight locations in  the game for both PS3 and Xbox 360. 

Close Shave
Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight challenges.


You will need to get a fighter jet from Ford Zancudo and use it to complete all 15 Knife Flights. Alternatively, you can try to get a stunt airplane, which can land at the airport in the desert from time to time.

Learn how to Knife Flight

You need to visit the Flight School at Los Santos Airport to learn how to knife flight. Also it is best you max out the "Flying" statistic of one of your characters to have more control over your aircraft.

What if the jet get damaged

You can use the quick save and immediately reload the game incase the jet is massevely damaged. It will automatically be repaired when loading the save game. Remember to make use of quick save before attempting the harder Knife Flight Stunts.

Timeline for the Knife Fight  Locations Guide:

Knife Fight Location #1 - 0:54
Knife Fight Location #2 - 1:10
Knife Fight Location #3 & #4 & #5 - 1:33
Knife Fight Location #6 & #7 - 2:05
Knife Fight Location #8 - 2:32
Knife Fight Location #9 - 2:54
Knife Fight Location #10 - 3:13
Knife Fight Location #11 & #12 - 3:36 
Knife Fight Location #13 - 3:55
Knife Fight Location #14 - 4:11
Knife Fight Location #15 - 4:29


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