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Grand Theft Auto V 

PS3Xbox 360 
Release Date: September 17, 2013

GTA 5 :All Hidden Package Locations Guide


Welcome to Grand Theft Auto 5 Hidden Packages locations guide. The guide will help you to find all 13 packages located in  the game for both PS3 and Xbox 360. 

You will get between $8,000 to $14, 500 in cash for each Package, making a total of $150,000. 

Grand Theft Auto V : All Hidden Package Locations Guide


These hidden packages are not easy to get,You advised that you max out stats so that you will be able to stay underwater for long and have high stamina to avoid dawning before reaching the package.

-You can switch to another character then switch back, this will increase your oxygen back to normal (Thanks to Akaash for the this tip)

Finding the hidden Packages

The hidden package will appears as a white glowing suitcase. You just need to swim to the bottom of the water and pick it up. The pack will disappear once you have collect it and it will be confirmed as being a Hidden Package and the screen will show you have received some money. 

Turn on auto-save on if you want the game to save the package when collected automatically but if you don't have auto-save on the game will ask you if you want to save.

Hidden Package #1: Plane Crash Package

This package is found next to the broken tail bone of the plane off West coast of Paleto Bay. 

Hidden Package #2: Crop Duster Wreck

This package is found  under wrecked Duster located off the East coast of Mount Gordo. Be careful as there are shacks underwater in the area.

Hidden Package #3 : Lost Cargo 

The package is in the back of the sunken trunk trailer which is found off the East coast of San Chianski Mountain Range. 

Hidden Package #4 : Aged Cargo Plane 

The package is on the floor of the sunken Cargo Plane. The plane is found off the West coast of Fort Zancudo. 

Hidden Package #5 :  Sunken Tugboat

The package is on the boat's top deck by the wheelhouse. The Tugboat is located Southern of Package #4 Aged Cargo Plane 

Hidden Package #6 : Remains Package

This package is found on top of the sunken remain next to the tree/plant. This sunken remain is located South off the coast of the Great Ocean Highway. Pay attention to the portal for this package. 

Hidden Package #7 : Container Shipwreck Package

The shipwreck is located off the East Coast of the National Office of Security Enforcement. This package is found at the top of the wreckage. Look for  a large hole blown in the side of the ship for this package. 

Hidden Package #8 :  Paddle Steam Package

This package is located on the south of Container Shipwreck Package  in the Centre of a 'U' shaped bay. Go under the East wheel of the paddle Steamer right at the bottom. 

Hidden Package #9 : Sunken Barge Package

The Sunken Barge is located North of the port of Los Santos and the package is in a shallow canal on top of the sunken barge. 

Hidden Package #10:  Plane Crash 2 Package

Go toward Eastern part of the Sunken Barge Package location, move slightly south off a small island. The package is under the right tail wing

Hidden Package #11 :  Shipwreck Package

The ship wreck is located South of the port of South Los Santos. The package is on the seafloor along with seaweed in the hull of the shipwreck.

GTA 5 Hidden Package #12 : Altruist Camp Package

This package is found on land and can be very difficulty to get. First you will be able to get this package after given 3 hithchikers to this camp and fight your way out. 


  If you buy the Sonar Docks, then you can use the submersible to get to the locations, and it can be used to ram sharks to death before you dive. Also, if you surface in it and get out, your character (I used Michael) Will be equipped with Scuba gear, so you can dive to your heart's content without fear of drowning. Thanks This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." data-profile-hash="11a1698eaed7bcca478a502e195683d7" href="http://disqus.com/guest/11a1698eaed7bcca478a502e195683d7/" rel="nofollow">Sam

 use a scuba gear. Thanks homeboybradk


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