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Formats Xbox One, Xbox 360
Developer Popcap Games
Publisher EA
Released Out now

EA has released Xbox exclusive multiplayer shooter title Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare weeks before the release of Titanfall.

This Popcap Games title let you play as either plants or zombies choosing from four classes. The healing sunflowers, the pea cannons and the chilli bean bombs all deployed to take out any approaching zombie intent on destroying the gardens.

The plants have the cactus-plant, the venus-plant Chomper, Peashooter and the Sunflower. At a base level these represent familiar shooter classes. For example the peashooter is an assault-based trooper, while the cactus is a sniper and Sunflower is the medic. Each class have three special powers that are unlocked by performing specific challenges during the match.

On the other hand the zombies have soldiers, engineers, scientists and All-Stars (American football Zombies). The Zombie soldiers can counter burrowing Chompers by launching up into the air aided by a jetpack.

The title initial release has only three game modes to engage;

Team Vanquish – In this mode you need to score more knockouts than the other team. This mode is very enjoyable with a wonderful colourful slices of urban Americana beset.  There are six maps in total and are not bad as they have plenty of higher ground where you can bounce onto sight-lines keeping everyone involved.

Gardens and Graveyards – This mode is just like Battlefield 4’s Conquest mode where zombies tries to capture a series of Plant-defended Gardens by squatting in a marked zone before a timer runs out and plants need to fend them off. If zombies win the map expands and the plants must fall back to another garden and hold their ground. In total there are six gardens to take in before Zombies achieve a special objective.

The Corporative gardens Ops Mode – you along with a team of three pals are casts as plants trying to defend a garden against ten increasingly difficulty waves of zombies. Players can plant some defensive pea cannons and potatoes mines to prepare for an attack.

As you play the game you earn coins that can be spent on ‘sticker packs’ that have random selection of weapons, cosmetics upgrades and extra characters.

Popcap Games has done a good job as the title is well structure, balanced and very engaging multiplayer shooter.  It is enormous fun to play with family or friends. The game is played in third-person but retains a first-person control set.

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