Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review


As you can remember in 2008 Capcom released their game The devil May cry which was all action adventure hack and slash video game. the game was available in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and windows platform, PlayStation 2 didn't get chance to experience it. The devil may cry 4 received positive critics from fans. It had all that classic and challenging characters with special moves and was the first to be released on IOS.

Devil May Cry 4 special edition provides new characters to the game. Developers have added three new playable characters named Vergil you can remember him from Devil May Cry 3, Trish and lady. Trish is now playable as you remember her in Devils may cry 2 while lady is a new character which will be explained through flashbacks in the story. The story has a lot of combats so be prepared to use your swords. Lady can perform projectile punches up your offence at range allowing you to take a large group with a single missile.

Trish and Vergil have their own sort of hypersonic attacks which can be very beneficial through the game and help quick transition from demon to demon.

The special edition benefits 1080p 60 frame rate which gives it a clear view with a good speed.

The characters can replace Dante and Nero through the game combats. Although the story can be a bit repetitive while using different characters in the same combats you have played. The added characters have massively changed the edition with their playable abilities. The game has also added bonus costumes for Trish and Lady,also it includes both English and Japanese language voice soundtrack.

Overall the the game is very interesting and challenging as it can be seen by Nero ability to use his sword which is strengthen by his pistol and a demonic arm that has ability to be a means of transport. As you can remember Nero works is a demon hunter for the order of the sword who encounters Dante who test him to fight if he worth of Yamoto.

You can also extend combos to a greater length and earn more points thanks to the  Capcom developers. Few comments have been raised on the camera control issues which can be difficult to determine your position and backtracking. Overall the game has awesome visual and a great gameplay.

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