Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea-Episode 1 Review


Burial At Sea- Episode 1 is a story driven extra content of Bioshock Infinite, and costs only costs $15/£9.99. 

Bioshock Infinite is game of the year with amazing story telling. Burial at Sea Part 1 is the title’s first story-drive DLC and the gameplay is about 150 minutes run-time. The 30 minutes opening are cruacial to your enjoyment of the Burial ta Sea DLC. 

Burial at Sea core gameplay remain familiar, as the players will make a return to the original Bioshock's setting of Rapture.  

Rapture is the undersea city from the first two BioShock games before its explosive fall. Irrational game players get to experience much more of Rapture golden age.While in the city you can take time to drink in the atmosphere and walk around Rapture. 


It is the year's Eve 1958 before the fall of Rapture and alternative-timeline version of Booker and Elizabeth when meet in DeWitt's office. You will be tasked to find a little girl called Sally she left behind long time ago. 

Booker and Elizabeth will be sent off to the depths of Rapture,  where spliced-up former residents roam an abandoned shopping precinct, where lights are few and leaks are plentiful. The location is the shadow of the city above and it is where Burial at Sea game begins. The ammo is scarce in this location, hence you will find yourself using more of stealth kill rather than shooting.


Elizabeth is a bit older in the DLC although Booker is more or less the same. The combat mechanics in Rapture's World is more or less the same as Infinite's combat but a bit faster. Unlike Infinite, enemy encounters in Burial at Sea is better.  Booker will only have the   Devil's Kiss  and Vigor at the begining. 


The DLC is a short but the gameplay is delightful and is one of the best DLC’s released this year. The DLC seems to be a mix of the Bioshock original and this year infinite.  If you like the story telling of Bioshock infinite then you will definitely love the Burial at sea.

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