Batman: Akham Origins Review


The 2011 Batman Arkham city, the developer managed to bring the game into massive open world setting and the title has an outstanding combat system but it kind of lacking ideas of its own.

Batman Origins is developed by a new studio, Warner Bros Interactive. This time the story is not about Arkham or the origin story, but is more of traditional Batman plot. Batman origins in a nutshell is all about beat up someoe else if you can’t find the person you really want to beat.

Origins begins with an events of The Long Halloween, with Julian Gregory Day - AKA Calendar Man - in prison for several high-profile murders. It's Christmas Eve in Gotham City, which is about  two years into Bruce Wayne's burgeoning career as the Dark Knight.

You have free reign over a wider expanse of Gotham than ever before: new areas include a ship, the Gotham City Police Department building, the Pioneer bridge, Blackgate Penitentiary and even the Batcave, while Wonder City, Park Row and Crime Alley make a reappearance from Arkham City.


In Origins, Batman has only been batman for only few years. He has not run into a lot of villain either and is still operating in the shadow. Black masks want to force him into the sport-light by putting a 50 million dollar bounty on Batman’s head. This news draws eight of the world’s greatest assassins (such as Bane and Deathstroke) to Gotham City on Christmas Eve. These assassin's sometimes they tie-up a bunch of people and start shooting to get batman to show up. Batman is forced to confront this people on Christmas  Eve in the middle of Gotham City.


The game is presented from the third-person perspective with a primary focus on Batman's combat and stealth abilities, detective skills, and gadgets that can be used in both combat and exploration.

The combat and enemies type has be inproved in Origins, the gadget become available much faster, and you need to pay closer attention in combat than before.

The gameplay is pretty much similar to its predecessors, the new gadgets in the game include:

  •  The Remote Claw, which enables Batman to target two objects and pull them together and use it to knock enemies together or hit them with objects, while tethering two walled-points together creates a tightrope that Batman can traverse;
  •  The Shock Gloves, which allow Batman to block electric, attacks, instantly disable some enemies and stun shielded ones, and short circuit some objects within the environment.
  •  The Concussion Detonator, capable of stunning large enemy groups

The return gadgets include, the Cryptographic Sequencer, the Batarang, the Batclaw, Smoke Pellets, Explosive Gel, the Disruptor and the Grapnel Accelerator.

There is a fast travel system which allows batman to remotely summon his plane, the Batwing, to get from one area to another faster. 

The game features a lot of new voices for the characters. Roger Craig Smith is now playing as a young version of a Batman character and he managed to imitating the previous batman very well. Roger is known for lending his vocal talents to Assassin's Creed's Ezio Auditore, Resident Evil's Chris Redfield and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The joker voiced by Troy Baker is in the game and he pays an interest role.  He does as good job as a young joker.



  •  Excellent writing story,
  •  The production values worth of the franchise


  •  The game lack of innovation
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