Final Fantasy XV: Elemancy


Elemancy is a crafting ability you have in Final Fantasy XV. With this ability you will be able to create spells, both new and old, that you can use and equip to your team for combat. Mixing different elements will allow you to create different spells.

Elemency is a feature that become avaiable very early in the game. Noctis is able to withdraw elemental magic from certain nodes scattered around the game world. Most of the camping locations feature nodes for Fire, Lightning and Ice, the fundamental elements in Elemancy in Final Fantasy XV. You can hold up to 99 of each.

You must have an empty Magic Flask to create a spell and store it, these are rewarded as you progress through the main story up to a total of 5. Each Magic Flask can hold any type of spell so obviously the magic system becomes much more useful once you gather more Magic Flasks. Flasks can be reused and allow you to mix different elements and crafting materials together to create powerful spells.

Note: for  some spells, you need to have a balance of two or more of the elements. Otherwise, you'll want to have a majority (51% or more) of whatever element you're trying to create.

For example if you wanted Fira (which requires a potency of 100-199) but only had 80 Fire, you could use up to 79 Ice or Lightning element points without it changing to something else (not 79 of both), though you'd only need 20 to get the base Fira.

100 Fire = Fira (Potency 100)

80 Fire + 10 Lightning + 20 Ice = Fira (Potency 110)

Once you go over 50% of one type of element, the spell's element will change. Additionally, it takes two of a different element to go up one potency point for mixed spells. If you had 99 Ice, you'd need 2 Fire, 2 Lightning, or one of each to get a Blizzara.

Having 99 Lightning + 98 Ice would give you Thundara (158). However, if you add 2 Fire, there would be fewer Lightning than the other elements, so the spell would change to Unicast II.

Each spell has three levels, typically indicated by "II" and "III" for the second and third level. The base spells do not use this numbering. Additionally, spells that have a bonus effect from an item you mixed them with, such as Healcast, will have a level for their bonus effect that can go up to 99. Add more of the item (or a better version) to get up to 99, but know that you can't go over it!



Required: Majority of the Fire element.

These spells are entirely fire-based and create and explosive firestorm fo varying levels that will burn anyone who ends up in it.


Required: Majority of the Ice element.

These spells are entirely ice-based and create an ice field that will slow and freeze anyone who gets into it.


Required: Majority of the Lightning element.

These spells are entirely lightning-based and created a lightning storm that will zap anyone who gets in the way.


Required: No majority element or equal balance

These spells randomly use the element of the corresponding level. So if it used the fire element, it would Fire at the first level, Fira at the second, and Firaga at the third.

To make a Unicast, you need to have it so that no spell is over 50% of the total elemental pool.


Dualcast: Remedy or Sheep Milk + element

Tricast Required: Phoenix Down, Elixir, Hi-Elixir, or Sweet Pepper + element

Quadcast: Mega Phoenix + element

Quintcast Required: Megalixir + element

Depending on what you use to mix, these -casts can either be set or random. A set dualcast would look something like, "Dualcast: Fira-Blizzara" and that would make it so you use Fira and then either Fira or Blizzara at random after the first spell.

If it's random, however, it'll cast a random element up to two times for Dualcast and all the way up to five times for Quintcast! A good way to get Quadcast would be to use a Mega Phoenix and a good way to get a Quintcast would be to use a Megalixir.


Required: Antidote or Funguar + element

Venomcasts takes an elemental attack and poisons it so that enemies who get hit get the poisoned status ailment and progressively lose health. You can use something like Antidote to create a Venomcast.


Required: Leiden Pepper + element
Cursecast does elemental damage and also lowers your enemy's attack! Certain ingredients allow you to create Curecasts!


Required: Iron Shavings + element

Failcast is a major risk. It has the chance of misfiring and doing absolutely nothing, but on its own it has a boosted potency for major elemental damage. Certain useless treasures allow you to create Cursecasts.

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