Final Fantasy XV- Duscae Side Quests

Final Fantasy XV- Duscae

These side quests can be found and undertaken in Duscae, the second area explorable in the game starting in Chapter 3.

Side Quest Level Location Rewards
Wild Beasts on the Open Road 5 South of Coernix Station - Alstor 500 EXP,
1,500 gil
All By Myself 8 South of Lingagh Haven Campground 350 EXP,
900 gil
Where the Wild Chocobos Are 8 Wiz Chocobo Post 500 EXP,
Xelphatol Apple Seeds,
Doman Plum Pits,
Mamook Pear Seeds
Bird on the Brink 9 Wiz Chocobo Post 1,000 EXP
Curiel Greens
Final Resting Plains 10 Coernix Station - Alstor 800 EXP,
10 Elixir
New to the Road 10 South of Coernix Station - Cauthess 350 EXP,
900 gil
A Feathery Feast 10 Wiz Chocobo Post 1,500 EXP
New Food Sold
Fishing Buddies 11 Alstor Slough 1,500 EXP
Knife T. Tonberry
Chase That Chocobo! 12 Wiz Chocobo Post 2,000 EXP
Valfruit Seeds
O'Ghomoro Berry Seeds,
Cieldalaes Pineapple Seeds,
Han Lemon Seeds
A Rocky End 12 Cauthess Rest Area 1,000 EXP
10 Hi-Elixir
The Professor's Protege 14 Coernix Station - Alstor 3,000 EXP, Star Pendant
Friends of a Feather 15 Coernix Station - Alstor 1,500 EXP,
Chocobo Whistle
The Professor's Protege - Yellow Frogs 15 Cauthess Rest Area 4,000 EXP
Rainbow Pendant
Pilgrimage 16 Wiz Chocobo Post 500 EXP
Scraps of Mystery VIII 22 Cauthess Rest Area  ??
Photo Op: Disk 11 Cauthess, the Disk 250 EXP



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