Dishonored 2: Corvo's Powers


Blink is one of Corvo's Powers  in Dishonored 2. This power enable you to instantly travel a small distance and can be used in combat or go through glass. Corvo’s teleportation power is back, but with a few new applications to make it more dynamic.

  • Cost: NA
    Mana Cost: Low

Blink allows you to move very fast without being seen - making it useful for infiltration as you can Blink from one hiding spot to the next - or even traverse rooftops when combined with jumping.

Note that Blink can also be used to gain height - but only slightly.


Blink has 3 purchasable upgrades.

Use: Extends the range of Blink.

Cost: 4 Runes

Use: Time stops if you aren't moving while aiming Blink.

Cost: 3 Runes

Use: Throw enemies to the ground by attacking as Blink ends.

Cost: 1 Runes


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